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10 Top Rewarded Video Placements | GDC Dev House

Rewarded video is a key strategy for game developers to maximize their revenues, especially because it offers an excellent player experience. It?s opt-in, non intrusive, and offers a true value exchange. Plus high eCPM and fill rates. The challenge still for developers is optimizing the rewarded placements in their games to maximize player engagement and conversion. After working with everyone from indie devs to global publishers, I?ve learned a few best practices and the top performing rewarded video placements.

First, a few key best practices

Before diving into the placements there are a few considerations to keep in mind from the beginning of your game development. First and foremost, every game is unique so it?s important to think about how the ad will work in the context of your game. This includes the core loop of your game – when does it make sense in your gameplay? In the end, it?s your game and you have an idea of what will work best.

The amount and variety of the rewards you?re offering are also important. For example, if you?re rewarding currency, you want to make sure you don?t throw off the balance of your game economy. You can also offer more just currency or lives – try more meaningful rewards that help players progress. These can often drive more gameplay overall.

Now that we?ve set a little context with these best practices, let?s dive into the good stuff!

The top 10 most effective placements

1. In-Game Store -?A classic, one of the first rewarded placements players were introduced to. It?s a great way to monetize players who don?t want to spend real life dollars in a store. It?s also somewhat hidden and some players without intention to spend may never navigate here.

Nonstop Knight by Flaregames

2. The home screen -?Incredibly high visibility location! For those players that may never navigate to the store, this is where you can capture their attention.

Skater Boy by MiniCard

3. The daily reward Multiplier -?Most games offer a daily reward for coming back to the game every day ? you can offer a chance to engage with an ad to double their earnings. It?s very enticing for users and part of that highly visible location.

Farm Away by Futureplay

4. The mission complete multiplier -?At the end of your level or mission, players are often rewarded. Why not use that opportunity to engage your players with a double reward from watching a video?

Often when completing a mission, players are rewarded. You can offer the player the option of doubling that reward by watching a video upon completion. It?s another high-engagement location.

Bitcoin Billionaire by Noodlecake


5. Save Me! -?No player likes to see the game over screen. Give them another chance to try again for free or re-start from their failure location. It?s another very high engagement location and players are happy to get the opportunity to try again.

Zombie Highway by Auxbrain

6. Out of Energy -?Assuming your game has an energy mechanic, players need that energy to complete certain tasks. When energy is depleted, offer them an option to watch a video for more energy which also keeps them in the game longer.

Farmville 2 Country Escape by Zynga

7. Decrease the Wait Time -?In the F2P realm games can require waiting times but your players can spend currency to speed it up – or offer the option to see an ad. It keeps the players in the game longer and descreases waiting frustration.

Hill Climb Racing 2 by Fingersoft

8. Return to Game Multiplier -?A lot of F2P games let you keep earning currency or goods while you?re away. When they return, you can make them an offer to double those earnings while they were away. It helps to bring players back more frequently.

Charming Keep by Mighty Games Group

9. The in-game hints -?Who doesn?t want to learn a hint to move forward in the game? Ask your players to engage with an ad to learn valuable secret tips plus the strategies will help players stick around for more gameplay.

Letterpad by NimbleBit

10. Discount pricing for in-app purchases -?The ultimate goal of every F2P game is to have players enjoy your game enough to spend on those precious IAPs. Offer a rewarded video to discount an early game IAP item or bundle them together in one offer. Once a player spends at a discounted rate early, it motivates them to jump on those discounts again later in the game.

Watch the?full session on rewarded video from the Charboost Dev House at GDC 2017 Game Developers Conference here:

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