Now that the holiday rush is over, we dug through the piles of wrapping paper to retrieve December CPI data just for you. The CPI trends in 2014 were eerily similar to the trends in 2013, with advertisers getting more bang for their buck by acquiring more users with the same or lower bids. When the school year ended and companies went on holiday in December, there was a jolt in game sessions across all platforms in the Chartboost Network. Naturally, we saw CPIs drop across the Network due to the traffic explosion.



iPad, iPhone and iPod touch CPIs All Under $2.50



  • iPad: CPI down to $2.38 (-9.5%)
  • iPhone: CPI down to $2.08 (-10%)
  • iPod touch: CPI down to $1.42 (-16.5%)


Folks around the world were unwrapping their slick, new iOS devices in December, resulting in game session increases in the Chartboost Network. As a result, the CPI rates for the trio of iOS devices–iPad, iPhone and iPod touch–were all under $2.50 in December. The iPod touch experienced the most pronounced dip in CPI, moving from $1.70 in November to $1.42 in December. In the US, the country that most heavily celebrates Christmas, iOS CPIs dropped by 12% to $2.40 in December.


Google Play CPI Takes a Break



  • Google Play: CPI remained at $1.20 (No change)


Google Play’s global CPI took a winter break in December, staying at $1.20 month-over-month. In general, Google Play CPIs by country experienced the least amount of fluctuation among iOS and Amazon. Even with the surge in Google Play traffic, the US only stripped 1% off its CPI rate in December.


Amazon CPI Rises Over 15% in December



  • Amazon: CPI up to $2.26 (+15.3%)


Although worldwide CPIs were down or level on iOS and Google Play, Amazon’s CPI globally rose by 15.3% in December. Among 20 of the top countries for Amazon, there was an even split between countries that felt CPIs increase and countries that saw a drop.


Continue following the Chartboost Blog to find out about iOS, Google Play and Amazon CPI trends in the first month of 2015!

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