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Time to give your static ads a serious boost! Starting today animated GIFs are fully supported on the Chartboost network. Animated GIFs are a highly engaging creative type, richer than static and easier to produce than video. This new ad creative is just one of our new, fresh formats that are driving serious increases in engagement and eCPM.

Wooga Games gets the most out of animated GIFs

GIF-mockup_pearlsperil“Animated GIFs are more attention-grabbing than regular banners and interstitials. They tell a story through a sequence of images, while static pictures only rely on a single snapshot. As they are more engaging you will typically see higher CTRs, giving you higher eCPMs on your campaigns and thus access to more inventory or lower CPIs.” —Martzel de Domingo, user acquisition manager, Wooga

Wooga launched their new animated GIF campaigns for two games including Pearl’s Peril with Chartboostand can’t wait to do more.

Dynamic ad creatives updated in real time

Animated GIF is one of many new formats rolled out this year that drive better ROI and provide an engaging experience for game players. Campaigns running with the new ad formats are seeing up to a 15% increase in conversions.

For publishers on the latest SDK 6.5, all ad creatives are dynamically updated and automatically enhanced. This way your campaigns are always optimized for performance without you having to update your code.

all static layouts

Advertisers, launch your next campaign with animated GIFs

Starting today, in your Network Advertising Campaign editor, you’ll see animated GIF as a new creative type alongside static interstitial and video. Just upload your new creatives and go live.

Publishers, elevate the player experience

To elevate your player experience with animated GIFs, upgrade to the newest SDK 6.5 for the full benefits. Your interstitial publishing campaigns will now include animated GIFs, no need to update anything in your dashboard.

Questions? The team is always here, just email and we’ll help you get started.

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