A Look Back at 2017 Chartboost Milestones

It’s the end of a year — a time to reflect on and evaluate everything we’ve achieved in the past 12 months. Let’s dive into our biggest product releases of 2017!

Chartboost 2017 Milestone Product Release Timeline via www.chartboost.com/blog

Boosting the Mobile Advertising Industry: Playables, Chartboost Exchange, and Vertical Video

Let Players Test Drive Your Game with Interactive Ads

We started strong with the launch of playable ads. Ad unit innovation has always been at the core of our company. The introduction of playables into the network brought a whole new ad experience that leverages all the features that today’s phone screens have to offer, creating value for advertisers.

Chartboost Playable Interactive Mobile Ads via chartboost.com/blog

Check out Playables product release here

In fact, campaigns using playables have, on average, doubled the performance of static on interstitial placements, with up to 30% higher conversion on rewarded placements. We are proud of this colossal achievement and thrilled to see over 150 advertising apps on our network already reaching the best-possible users with playables as part of their creative mix.

Reach and Engage the Mobile Gaming Audience at Scale

Without a doubt, the most transcendental milestone in 2017 was the launch of Chartboost Exchange. Our mission has always been to empower developers to build successful businesses with their creations, and the launch of Exchange, which combines Chartboost network advertising campaigns with third-party RTB demand, makes publishers’ inventory more competitive, earning publishers higher revenue.

We welcome these third-party DSPs that have become partners for Chartboost this year. We are especially thankful to the launching partners — CrossInstall, Jampp, Liftoff, Index Exchange, and others — who saw the value of our audiences since the very beginning.

We’re excited to see the number of mobile programmatic partnerships grow month over month. Through them, we are seeing a stronger and more diverse demand that includes traveling, food delivery, transportations and even consumer brands. Programmatic will continue being a key priority for Chartboost next year. We are not a gaming ad network anymore — we are an in-app programmatic platform!

Learn how you can easily get started with Chartboost Exchange!

Optimized Ad Creative for a Seamless Player Experience

After analyzing the types of publishers on the Chartboost ad network, and more specifically the orientation of their games, we found that 43% of publishers have games that are played in portrait mode (vertically-oriented).

Gardenscapes Vertical Video Mobile Ad via www.chartboost.com/blog

We’ve already seen some incredible results for both our publishers and advertisers leveraging the new vertical video ad format.

Playrix, a leading mobile game developer studio, that brought you titles like Fishdom and Township, launched vertical video ads for Gardenscape. After test driving the new Chartboost vertical video ad format, they saw over 30% increase in install rate (IR).

Read how mobile advertisers are increasing install rates with vertical video ad creatives here.

See You in 2018!

All this would be pointless without our developer community. We are honored to work with over 300,000 apps from every corner of the world, created by amazing talent that continuously trusts our tech and SDK.

We wish you all happy holidays and a very successful 2018,

Sean and Maria

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