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Meet indie dev Wolfgang Schall. He’s worked on games for the last 14 years from PC to mobile, and today has 10 mobile games live in the Google Play store. We connected with Wolfgang when our support team helped implement new video publishing campaigns in his game Freeway Racer 2 to boost his game revenues. Learn a little more about his story, his games, and what life is like as game developer in Hamburg, Germany.


You became a game developer in 2003, what inspired you to start building games?

I began a self study in game development in 2003. My first lines of code was written in Blitz Basic. The reason for game development comes, because i play`d a lot of games since 1981. My first computer was an Atari 600 XL with 16 kb ram. 8 bit power. Is was a great time. Then comes the Commodore 64. This home computer was very cool. Then comes the Amiga and so on. I thought to myself, Wolfgang, you must create your own small game, this was in 2003. So i began to ask Google about Indie Game Development with an easy learning language. It come a lot of entries about Blitz Basic. I have done 5 small PC games in this language.

In 2009, I thought to myself, how can I create a game for my smartphone? I found Unity3D. This step was very hard for me. From Basic to JavaScript and a Game Engine. But I studied books and watched a lot of tutorials. After half a year, I was good enough for my first indie mobile game. Then a friend told my about Chartboost for free to play games, and I integrated to my game.

You have 10 games on Google Play! Tell us more about your suite of games

Freeway Racer 2 is my best mobile game. It is a casual game. You play a police cop that drives in his car into the incoming traffic in the wrong direction. You can select between three routes and the aim of the game is, drive so long as you can without crashing into the incoming cars. This game has over 30,000 active players and over 300,000 downloads. This is the most famous game from all my games. Check out all my games here!


What is it like being an indie game developer in Germany?

For myself, it is exciting to see what is possible when you start a self study about game development. It was a hard long way from a basic programmer to a mobile game developer because I learned all from books or tutorials like many other indie developers too. In Germany, there are a lot of good game companies that work in big groups. I work with only one artist for 2D but I handle code, music and sound, and 2D/3D graphics .

We have a very good community in Germany, a lot of people support each other. I’ve found many friends online and we’ll meet to talk about game development. But we have a lot of one men developers.

How has your experience been using Chartboost in your games?

I must say, Chartboost is easy to use with a great opportunity to earn money on your games. It’s a challenge when you first get started to make the top game charts but I think when you have good connections it is all possible. For myself, Chartboost is the best. And the Chartboost Support is great. I received fast and helpful answers frome the team (like Jason, this men rocks!)

What are you most excited about in mobile gaming for 2017?

The one thing I think is very interesting is Nintendo coming into the mobile game market. This step is very exciting and I think we’ll see more from Nintendo in mobile games. And one touch games are always a good choice.


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