The Impact of iOS 14 and Non-IDFA Traffic on In-App Bidding

iOS 14 In-app bidding

With Apple’s privacy changes coming any day, mobile app developers need to test new ad monetization strategies to sustain their advertising revenue on iOS. For those of you who haven’t tried in-app bidding solutions yet, now is the time.  Enabling a unified auction of your iOS inventory will allow demand partners to bid in real-time […]

Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) and its future after iOS 14.5

LAT, which stands for Limit Ad Tracking, has been in the spotlight since Apple announced the privacy changes coming to iOS 14. In this post, we’ll unfold LAT and why it matters when IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) isn’t available anymore. We will also be sharing some important insights based on Chartboost data. From LAT to […]

Accelerating Into 2021! — A Letter From Our New CEO, Rich Izzo

As we accelerate into 2021 with significant transformation in our ad-tech industry, including both M&A activity and the advent of Apple’s ATT via iOS 14.5, I wanted to send a note expressing both gratitude and excitement.   I first wanted to extend thanks and appreciation to Sean Fannan and Maria Alegre, and the rest of the […]