6waves Increases Mobile Game Revenue by 150% in a Week With Chartboost-Powered Ads

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The Story

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Hong Kong, 6waves specializes in developing its own mobile games as well as partnering with mobile game developers to bring their titles to millions of players in 6waves’ growing network in over 150 countries. 


The Problem
6waves experienced rapid growth — especially with hit casino game Slots – Magic Wonderland (iOS & Google Play). Accordingly, the studio wanted to scale its monetization strategy to accommodate a burgeoning player base. 6waves sought a partner that would provide relevant games-only ads to generate more money for its global mobile games business without diluting the experience in its games. 6waves also wanted a partner that would offer 100% transparency over who is advertising in its mobile games, when they advertise and how frequently, so they could further optimize their campaigns. Additionally, 6waves was looking for the ability to work directly with premium advertisers in order to scale its campaign success.

6 Waves Slot Magic Wonderland

The Solution
6waves chose Chartboost and quickly saw tremendous results. In a week after running highly engaging interstitial ads powered by Chartboost’s games-only network, 6waves increased advertising revenue by 150 percent for Slots – Magic Wonderland on Google Play. The relevant games-only content in the ads kept players engaged, helping 6waves sustain high returns for the months that followed.

“One week after integrating Chartboost mobile ads, 6waves’ advertising revenue increased by 150 percent. With such encouraging results, we have since integrated Chartboost’s SDK in all of our mobile games. Chartboost provides unrivaled transparency down to the app name, impression, click, pricing and more — which enables us to optimize our campaigns for greatest revenue performance.”

-Rex Ng
President & co-founder, 6waves

Furthermore, Chartboost provided 6waves the unique ability to set up direct deals with select advertisers in order to scale their monetization success. Only Chartboost offers a marketplace to sell inventory directly to other mobile game developers in its Direct Deals Marketplace. The resulting direct deal ad campaigns delivered near unprecedented $100 eCPMs for 6waves in Slots – Magic Wonderland.

Most importantly, Chartboost’s fully transparent platform afforded 6waves the ability to see exactly who is advertising in its games — down to the actual app name. These Chartboost analytics allowed 6waves to optimize its campaigns for greatest revenue performance. 6waves was so satisfied by Chartboost, the studio also began leveraging high-quality mobile video ads. The continued success from Slots – Magic Wonderland and close relationship with Chartboost made it an easy decision for 6waves to integrate Chartboost’s SDK in all of its future games, including casual, casino and hardcore titles — e.g. Age of Three Kingdoms 逐鹿三國 (iOS & Google Play). 

Mobile Games Forum (MGF) Asia 2015

From April 8 to 9, Chartboost head of Asia Scott Yoo will be in Hong Kong for MGF Asia 2015 to anchor the “POWWOW: Monetisation and business models for indie developers” panel. On April 8, Scott along with panelists such as Rex Ng, president and co-founder of 6waves, will answer your most burning questions, including what is the ideal breakdown of in-app purchases and advertising, do you change your monetization techniques in different regions, and more.

To learn more about 6waves’ mobile game publishing services, check out its website here.

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