Helium In-App Bidding – Increase Revenue With More Demand Than Ever

Helium in-app bidding

Programmatic advertising and in-app bidding is now the leading technology of monetization for mobile app developers. Facebook Audience Network announced last week that they are on track to have 50% of revenue transacted through bidding before the end of 2020. However, more improvements in transparency and tools are needed to fully capture the opportunity of […]

Introducing Chartboost iOS SDK 8.3 supporting iOS 14

iOS SDK 8.3 supporting iOS 14

We’re excited to release the official Chartboost SDK that supports iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork! Integrate our iOS SDK 8.3 to prepare for continuous monetization on iOS. With this release, we’ve included Chartboost SKAdNetwork ID along with all the necessary SKAdNetwork IDs from our diverse demand partners. It is critical that you add all the listed […]

In-App Banner Ads Are Here With Latest Chartboost SDKs

In-app banner ads

With the latest SDK versions for iOS and Android, Chartboost is excited to announce the support of a new mobile app ad format: banner ads. Banners have existed since the early days of digital advertising but they have fresh potential in mobile apps. A clear example is how hyper-casual mobile game developers have unlocked new […]

Set CCPA privacy settings for your app on Chartboost dashboard

CCPA Privacy Settings

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into effect on January 1st, 2020 and is a data privacy law that applies to any businesses that collect personal information from California residents. At Chartboost, we take the privacy of our developers and their end-users seriously. Last year we released info about CCPA on our help site […]

Helium In-App Unified Auction: Elevate Performance and Transparency


Today, we are thrilled to announce Helium, our in-app unified auction solution. Chartboost is on a mission to empower mobile app developers around the world to build a thriving business by delivering better performance, higher efficiency, and more transparency.   Better performance Helium SDK 1.1.0 allows mobile app developers to increase ad revenue by conducting […]

Questions to Ask when Evaluating A Unified Auction Solution

In-App Unified Auctions

Welcome back to part three in our blog series on Header Bidding and In-App Unified Auctions! In case you missed part one and two, here are the respective links – Part 1 | Part 2. In our previous blog post, we shared how in-app unified auctions are beneficial for both app developers and advertisers. In […]

Benefits of Unified Auctions for Publishers and Advertisers

Unified Auctions Part 2

Welcome back to part two in our blog series on Header Bidding and In-App Unified Auctions! In our first blog post, we introduced the concept of header bidding and its evolution from the web to unified auctions in the mobile app world. In this blog post, we?ll go over the benefits of in-app unified auctions […]

From Header Bidding on Web to Unified Auction on Mobile (Part 1)

Header Bidding - Unified Auction

What is the most popular ad tech buzzword in the past two years? Depending on who you ask, many ad pros would start their list with ?header bidding?. Many of the same people, however, would struggle to give a good elevator pitch on the concept. With that in mind, we are kicking off a mini […]