Introducing The Chartboost SDK Beta Program

Chartboost SDK Beta program - 1

We are very excited to introduce the Chartboost SDK Beta Program! The SDK Beta Program provides developers with early access to Chartboost’s latest SDK releases. Be one of the first to test new tools and features before they are publicly released and get the opportunity to provide feedback directly to the product team at Chartboost. […]

Chartboost delivers 2x the CPM of other networks across Gamejam’s portfolio


Gamejam started in 2018 with the vision to democratize publishing technology for the everyday indie developer. Alongside building out their publishing platform they are also launching their own hyper-casual games as a proof-of-concept. Since the first game launch in early 2019, Gamejam has had more than 10 titles that reached the top 10 charts in […]

Chartboost overachieves Wooga’s D2 ROAS goal by 20%

Wooga ROAS

Wooga is a mobile game developer based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2009, they make games with thoughtful, compelling stories at their core. Since 2018, they’ve been part of the Playtika family. There are around 250 employees at Wooga coming from 40 different countries. Wooga is well known for titles such as June’s Journey, Pearl’s […]

Using AI to Power Customized Ad Messaging – A Q&A with Aarki

Q&A with Aarki

Finding high-quality users in a competitive marketplace at the App Store is not an easy task. Founded in 2010, Aarki offers a marketing platform that helps mobile advertisers grow and re-engage their users by using machine learning, big data, and engaging creatives. They work with brands and apps across verticals and find valuable users in […]

Rollic Grew Banner Ad Revenue from Chartboost by 80%

Banner Ads Rollic

Rollic is a mobile gaming company based in Istanbul, with hit titles like Picker 3D, Wheel Smash, and Go Knots 3D. Rollic is committed to producing massive scaling global titles while building a future-proof ecosystem in the gaming industry. CHALLENGES Banner ad units have a large number of ad requests and to achieve a steady […]

AppyNation Grew Ad Revenue from Amazon Appstore by 41%

AppyNation Amazon Appstore

Written by CEO of AppyNation, Peter Williamson. AppyNation is a developer and publisher of free-to-play puzzle games. Founded in 2011 and based in the UK, AppyNation builds games for players of all ages and skill levels. We have been working with Amazon on games for their Kindle devices when they first launched the Appstore. We […]

Playable Ads and the Future of Programmatic ? A Q&A With CrossInstall

Performance marketers continuously stress the importance of creatives and how they play a critical role in every campaign and its performance. As the industry continues to adopt programmatic buying, we wanted to take a closer look at how demand-side platforms (DSPs) like CrossInstall use creatives across the Chartboost Exchange to achieve performance for their customers. […]

In-App Bidding Survey Results: Interest Rising, More Publishers Testing

In-app bidding survey

In-app bidding is one of the hottest topics in mobile marketing, and for good reason: it can simultaneously increase revenue, decrease workload and give better access to data to publishers and advertisers. What is an in-app bidding or unified auction? Put simply, it’s an auction that allows every demand partner to bid at the same […]

Monetization Category Benchmark: Puzzle Apps

Puzzle apps

When the app stores first launched, few would have predicted that puzzle games would eventually rule the roost. But over time, this category of game has sprawled out, encompassing many of our favorite hits. Match 3 is the second most popular genre in Europe and North America with games like Candy Crush Saga and Gardenscapes, […]

Your Mobile Programmatic Glossary for 2020

Mobile Programmatic glossary

Besides the word in-app bidding, you must have heard of programmatic, real-time bidding, header bidding, and unified auction. What is the difference between all of these terminologies? What are some other common mobile programmatic related buzzwords you should know? Last month, we hosted a series of webinars on in-app bidding where we broke down some […]

In-App Bidding – Publishers Awakening to the Opportunity

in-app bidding

Last week we launched a new webinar series, Mobile Programmatically, which is focused on educating mobile app developers about programmatic in-app advertising. The topic of our first webinar was in-app bidding; why it’s here, how it works, and how to get started with Helium. This blog post is a recap of a few of the […]

ZeptoLab on Hyper Casual Games, Real-Time Bidding, and Ad Partnerships


We had the opportunity to sit down with Elena, Sharon, and Noelia from ZeptoLab to talk about monetization and user acquisition trends going into 2020.? ZeptoLab was founded in 2010, developing games around the character Om Nom. Since then, Cut the Rope games have been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times. The ZeptoLab team consists […]