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BitMango Sees 40% Conversion Increase with Powerful Playable

Korean Developer Bitmango partners with Chartboost to refresh stale ad creatives with a new, engaging interactive experience. BitMango’s user acquisition team needed to boost ad-to-store conversions without increasing advertising budget. Leveraging Chartboost’s playable expertise and rigorous testing framework, BitMango’s Bunny Pop saw significant install volume and eCPM growth.

The Challenge

BitMango’s user acquisition team ran a hugely successful global launch campaign promoting their latest game, Bunny Pop. The team kicked off several campaigns with a mix of video, static images, and one playable (interactive) ad unit to drive volume and install velocity during the first few months after the release.

Over time the exhausted creatives dropped in performance, as CTR and installs decreased while impressions stayed consistent. The team knew it was time to refresh their creative sets and start investing more heavily into an interactive ad experience. But the resources needed to effectively design, deploy, and optimize a playable ad unit were not readily available to BitMango?s UA team.

JangYong Choi, User Acquisition Manager at BitMango, partnered with Chartboost to refresh stale ad units with new, highly engaging playables, and to maximize return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) without increasing budget.

The Solution

Choi entrusted Chartboost’s team to develop a playable that would attract a high volume of quality players; those users who stay engaged long-term after a global launch. The hardest part of developing creative is assessing the variety of ways people respond to different stimulus and content. The first order of business for the creative team was understand BunnyPop’s target audience and distinguish the motivations behind content engagement.

To improve performance of the existing playable, Chartboost researched target markets across US, Japan, and Germany; segmenting audiences based on engagement levels.

Chartboost then analyzed past campaign performance to identify where players were dropping off in the creative and quickly find ripe opportunities to refine messaging, features, copy, and characters. Combining audience insights with past performance, the team came up with three distinct game mechanic concepts to A/B test.

Always be testing

After deploying the three creative concepts with in-ad tracking. The team monitored the drop-off rates frame-by-frame. The continuous user behavior analysis not only indicates where the user loses interest, but also allows the team to optimize quickly – pausing low performers and iterating on winners – as soon as the results come in.

Bitmango's case sutdy image

Creative A

Concentrated version of the original gameplay, but with a shorter session length.

Creative B
New ?hidden object? game mechanics drastically different from original gameplay.

Creative C
Player taps to pop floating bubbles, rather than aim and shoot method in Creative A.

The Results

Leveraging the team?s in-app animation expertise and meticulous optimization framework, Chartboost increased Bunny Pop conversions by 45% with an eCPM uplift of 40%.

By delivering an interactive experience BitMango was able to improve player engagement, generating more installs without increasing headcount or budget. After actively engaging with the playables more than 15% downloaded the full game, compared to passive video creatives which only saw a 5% install rate on average.

?Chartboost team helped us refresh our creatives, developing high performing interactive ads that increased conversion rate by 40%?

– JangYong Choi, User Acquisition Manager, BitMango

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