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How to Confidently Engage Mobile Consumers at Scale


The digital advertising space has evolved at a rapid pace, much of which can be attributed to two main factors — mobile-dominated digital media consumption in apps, and major technological advances in automated media buying.

Every month at Chartboost, we reach over 900 million unique mobile users worldwide, allowing marketers to create valuable connections with highly engaged audiences. This Power-Up Report is meant to be a comprehensive guide on what programmatic is, and how brand advertisers can use programmatic to drive long-term value. We dive into the various ways to increase your mobile presence programmatically, and to optimize engagements and performance through unique creative types.

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Brands that succeed through programmatic marketing on desktop simply can’t afford to ignore mobile if they want to reach their ideal customers. It’s no secret we’re spending more and more time on our phones. In 2017, over 50% of the programmatic spend will be mobile display and video.

Moreover, digital media usage time is driven by mobile apps, with smartphone apps accounting for 69% of all time spent, compared to 34% on desktop and 7% on smartphones’ mobile web browsers. Among all the apps, gaming is the vertical that attracts the biggest audience, revenue and time spent — 43% of time spent on apps is spent on games — which creates a big opportunity for brands to establish their value proposition.

The Power-Up report describes the top-performing ad creatives that brands should deploy in order to connect with this valuable audience in an engaging way. Chartboost has gathered key metrics around each ad unit’s performance, share of voice, and price.

A successful strategy utilizes all available formats to reach the targeted audiences. To save marketers’ time, we’ve gathered the basic specs and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each in-game ad unit.

Turning to mobile programmatic is essential for marketers who want to keep up with how people interact with technology. For more insights on driving higher returns with in-app programmatic media buys, get your free copy of How to Confidently Engage Mobile Consumers: The Brand Advertiser’s Guide to Mobile Programmatic here!