Casual Connect

Thanks for casually arcading, eating, meeting, and connecting!

From managing the data traffic battle, perfecting imperfection, navigating the mobile UA realm, and more post-mortems than an episode of CSI, we were extremely happy to give Casual Connect attendees a chance to relax for a few minutes before rushing back into the fray.

For three days, we turned our office into a veritable old-school arcade, selecting high-score winners for prizes like iPads and Beats headphones (straight outta Chartboost), tons of food, and even a few productive business meetings to boot.

Let?s wax nostalgic for a hot minute as we remember the awesome week you helped us have!

Casual Connect SF

Ya?ll know how to fill a room!

Casual Connect SF

Industry friends unite!

Casual Connect SF

A crew to look up to!

Casual Connect SF

Minor technical difficulties

And our proud winners!

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