China Rising Part 2 – Cracking the Chinese Mobile Gaming Market

Last year, Chartboost was very excited to open up our brand new office in Beijing, China. Although we’ve worked with Chinese mobile app developers and advertiser for years we decided to invest even further in this ever-growing Chinese mobile gaming market. While this is not our first celebration of the Chinese New Year, this year…

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Questions to Ask when Evaluating A Unified Auction Solution

In-App Unified Auctions

Welcome back to part three in our blog series on Header Bidding and In-App Unified Auctions! In case you missed part one and two, here are the respective links – Part 1 | Part 2. In our previous blog post, we shared how in-app unified auctions are beneficial for both app developers and advertisers. In…

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Benefits of Unified Auctions for Publishers and Advertisers

Unified Auctions Part 2

Welcome back to part two in our blog series on Header Bidding and In-App Unified Auctions! In our first blog post, we introduced the concept of header bidding and its evolution from the web to unified auctions in the mobile app world. In this blog post, we’ll go over the benefits of in-app unified auctions…

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How to Confidently Engage Mobile Consumers at Scale

The digital advertising space has evolved at a rapid pace, much of which can be attributed to two main factors — mobile-dominated digital media consumption in apps, and major technological advances in automated media buying. Every month at Chartboost, we reach over 900 million unique mobile users worldwide, allowing marketers to create valuable connections with…

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How to Use A/B Testing to Increase Tap-to-Install Rate

Just a few adequate keywords and overall quality of the user experience could get your application to the top not so long ago. Alas, this approach will do you no good today. The saturation of the apps market encourages mobile publishers all over the world to find new methods and tactics for the enhancement of…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Mobile Retargeting Ads

Churn is just as inevitable as death and taxes. Whether users play for a month or a year, whether they’re an occasional dabbler or your biggest spender, every player will someday churn out of your game. Often, the best way to bring back these players is a technique called “retargeting”. Retargeting works by showing ads…

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