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How to Use Chartboost Analytics in Your Publishing Campaigns

If you’ve signed up for a Chartboost account and added your apps to our global ad network, you already have access to free reporting tools that can help you get the most out of your campaigns. Your dashboard provides you with not only a bird’s-eye view of your publishing and advertising campaigns, but also a…

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Get Your Questions Answered on Our New Help Site

Does something not compute? We know that when integrating our powerful SDK, you might need to troubleshoot, or you might have questions about doing business on our network. So we remodeled our documentation to deliver your answers faster and easier. Check out the new Chartboost Help Site at! More finding, less searching New side…

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Why the Mobile Interstitial Ad is Here to Stay in 2017

As 2017 begins, mobile market leaders are adding even more strategic focus to high quality user acquistion and how to target their budgets to the highest long-term ROI. While this might seems like a challenge for indie developers just getting started, there are a few key tactics that can help any mobile game developers make…

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Introducing the Next Generation of Campaign Editor

Chartboost new Campaign Editor mobile game

Stanley Jones is the project lead for Campaign Editor. At Chartboost, our mission is simple: empower developers like you to succeed. With that in mind, we build kick-ass products accordingly. Today, we’re pleased to announce the next generation of Campaign Editor. It’s the Campaign Editor you know and love with the most natural user experience yet.…

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Introducing Chartboost SDK 6.5 With iOS 10 Compatibility

Chartboost SDK iOS 10 Apple

The launch of a major iOS release is a momentous occasion for mobile game developers. This year is no different, with Apple’s rollout of iOS 10. Today, we’re happy to announce the release of Chartboost SDK 6.5* for iOS and Android, offering support for iOS 10, all-new ad formats including animated GIFs and playable ads,…

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Increase Install Conversion by up to 20% With View-Through Attribution

Chartboost view-through attribution mobile video ads

Freedom is at the heart of Chartboost. For this reason, we’re excited to expand your advertising options with view-through attribution support for video ads—a new attribution option to put you in complete control of your mobile advertising campaigns. What is view-through attribution View-through attribution allows you to capture the true reach of your mobile UA…

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