Chartboost Celebrates 7 Years Helping Mobile Developers!


Copper is the traditional symbol of a seven-year anniversary, which is particularly fitting because copper is found in much of the world’s currencies, and Chartboost is a leading global platform for mobile app monetization.

It’s been seven years since we embarked on a mission to empower mobile creators around the world in building successful businesses. As we celebrate this milestone, we offer all of you — the entire developer community that trusts our platform — our sincerest thanks. Our SDK is currently live in over 300,000 mobile apps. The developers behind all these apps, big and small, are the reason why Chartboost exists today.

We began our journey focused on mobile gaming (we were game developers ourselves), but over time we’ve expanded to include all types of publishers and advertisers who want to energize their mobile businesses — from performance buyers to brands. The Chartboost community grows bigger and more diverse everyday, but the key values that drive us — transparency, control, and user experience — remain the same.

Last year, with the launch of the Chartboost Exchange, we opened the doors of our 900-million-MAU network to RTB partners who represent top-tier brands and apps across all verticals of the app store. We are thrilled to work closely with third-party DSPs that were originally not part of our ecosystem.

Together, we still have a lot of great things to accomplish. We are sifting through mounds of data to optimize our ad campaigns and give our partners the best-possible ROIs. We’re investing in programmatic bidding to make Chartboost a solid part of the future of digital marketing. And we are advancing transparent auctions through our SDK to make our monetization tools a must-have for the developer community.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the passion of the Chartboost team. We are extremely proud and grateful to everyone working with us.

Here’s to another exciting year together!

Sean and Maria