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Chartboost Lands in Barcelona with engineering office!


We are thrilled to expand our global team with a new engineering office in Barcelona!

In 2011, Sean and I started Chartboost in San Francisco with the mission to empower mobile developers to build successful businesses. Today, with a team of over 100 people in San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Beijing, we support over 300,000 apps worldwide. With the new Barcelona office, we are increasing our international footprint and taking advantage of Europe’s exceptional talent.

Our new engineering team in Barcelona will empower us to accelerate the development of Chartboost’s core platform. We already have two engineers based there and are seeking to hire 10 or more full-stack engineers and Scala developers (among other positions) by the end of the year.

Why Barcelona?

After evaluating several cities around the world to expand our San Francisco engineering team, we decided on Barcelona due to a combination of factors: easy connection (direct flights from the Bay Area), local employment flexibility, and access to a great talent pool. Barcelona has the power to attract skilled talent from all over Europe, is the host to great engineering universities, and a flourishing startup ecosystem.

We also can’t ignore our deep connections with Barcelona. Both Pepe Agell, our VP of Strategy, and myself were born and raised there, and through our friends, partners, and frequent trips, we have witnessed the city evolve into a powerful European tech hub in the last few years. We are now excited to be a part of its startup community!

As Barcelonians, we can confirm that Barcelona is a beautiful place with amazing people, a magnificent and historical culture, fantastic nightlife, and beautiful weather all year round. So if you would like to join our team, now is the time to move there!

If you are already in the Barcelona area, we would love to partner with you and grow our engineering operations. Interested? Join our local event on May 22nd and check out our current job openings.

Fins ben aviat! Hasta muy pronto!

Maria Alegre, co-founder and CEO