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Clash Royale: What Players Think About Supercell’s Latest Hit

Clash Royale

Since its worldwide release in March, Supercell’s Clash Royale has ascended the charts, reaching No. 1 in both downloads and revenue in well over 100 countries. Clash Royale isn’t just a smash hit, it’s unlike every other top mobile game—at a time when most major releases are just spins on an existing concept.

Mobile game developers have been busy deconstructing Clash Royale since the game was in soft launch. But what about players? What do they think?

We interviewed nine Clash Royale players around the world to get their thoughts on what makes the gameplay, social features and monetization tactics so effective.

Clash Royale mobile game logo

Image via Supercell

First impressions

It wasn’t lost on any of the mobile game players that Clash Royale is unlike other games, in everything from its genre to its player support.

— I don’t really view it as a card game…I definitely do think it’s a strategy and skill game. The strategy plays an important role in not only building up your deck, but also the flow of the troops.

— I think Clash Royale will last for a very long time as the meta is constantly changing based on what the YouTubers are currently showcasing and what pops up most often on TV Royale…The one thing I think other games could learn from CR is how the developers listen to players and are constantly balancing out the game.

Clash Royale title screen mobile game

Image via Supercell

Favorite gameplay

Each player tends to have a different favorite experience, demonstrating that the game’s architecture is strong from every angle.

— There is something so satisfying working for trophies that will stay in your stats forever. My favorite part of the game is right when season reset happens. The scramble to try getting on the top 200 is a real thrill.

— While I really enjoy collecting cards, leveling up and designing decks, there is nothing more fun than facing your buddy with an “all skelly” deck or playing a ranked battle.

— Leveling up your stuff, or unlocking new and more things, or even reaching a higher arena, gives me that sense of satisfaction that keeps me playing the game.


Players are split on whether real money influences Clash Royale—but none call it a pay-to-win mobile game.

— At the moment I do think you must drop a few thousand dollars if you want to reach the top 1,000 players, but only because the game has only been released globally for a few months. I think that a year from now there will be many free-to-play players who will easily reach the top 200 based on skill.

— I don’t view the pay aspect of the game as ‘pay to win,’ more like ‘pay to progress faster.’

— You definitely have to pay if you want to be one of the top 200 people at end season. [But] as a F2P player in Legendary [Arena], I believe that people who don’t spend a dime can reach a competitive level.

Clans and eSports

The social aspects of Clash Royale are heavily emphasized and the investment seems to be paying off.

— I think clans are absolutely necessary in CR. The option to communicate and make new friends is critical…I wish other games did more of the clan and leaderboard system CR does. The trophy system, clans and leaderboard create a positive, fun and competitive environment.

— I can also easily see myself participating in tournaments hosted by YouTubers and streamers. I think that once tourneys are implemented in the game there will be some website that pops up which everyone will use to join, organize and stream huge tournaments with huge cash prizes.