Chartboost Creative Studio Increases Conversions by 60%


You manage tens to hundreds of campaigns a month — poring over spreadsheets, analyzing traffic quality, allocating budgets, and adjusting audience segments. Too often, marketers leave the creative process for the end or don’t have the resources to rotate ads, optimize messaging, and test different ad formats. Eventually, creatives saturate and campaign engagement starts to drop while impressions plateau. With rising CPIs and shrinking budgets, the days of haphazard in-app ads actually converting are long gone.

The key to winning the hearts and minds of your audience when competing for attention is to deliver interactive experiences. According to an IPG Media Lab report, interactive ads extend the amount of time consumers spend with the brand, driving a 47% lift in time engaging with the ad versus non-interactive ads. The same study also found that interactive video ad engagement is tied to purchase intent and is nine times higher than passively viewing a video ad.

Interactive ads increase engagement and conversion performance, but only when an advertiser can dedicate an enormous amount of time and resources to design, deploy, test, and iterate.

At Chartboost, we want to arm our advertisers with battle-tested creatives to achieve their campaign objectives. That’s why we’re very excited to announce the launch of Chartboost Creative Studio!

What is Chartboost Creative Studio?

Chartboost Creative Studio is our in-house creative team, featuring leading mobile interactive design and animation experts, optimization specialists, and engineers. The Amsterdam-based team collaborates with customers to develop custom interactive and video content that is then tested and optimized for the specific campaign objective.

Drive Results with Immersive Interactive Creatives:

Fast-Speed Playables
Show, don’t tell. Playables are the highest performing ad format because you’re giving users a memorable interaction — whether that’s try-and-buy or guiding players through gameplay.

Interactive HD Video
Motivate your audience to take action with interstitial videos users can interact with as the video plays in real-time.

Dynamic End Cards
Add a layer of engagement to your call to action with interactive end cards that appear after video or playable content.

Interstitial HD Video
Tell your brand’s story or show off addicting gameplay through a 30-second full-screen HD video.

“Since working with Creative Studio on playable ads, we’ve increased our return on ad spend (ROAS) by 15%. We are excited to continue working with the in-house creative team and can’t wait to see more powerful, innovative ad types from Chartboost.” – Bosi LV, VP of acquisition at Heartbeat

Taking the Burden Off Advertisers

Outsourcing the creative process to Creative Studio gives you the freedom to allocate more time and resources towards refining target audience criteria and crafting the right messages for those segments. Our team leverages years of experience in the advertising industry to provide end-to-end creative services — design, production, a/b testing, and optimization — to create tailored ad units that increase conversions and completion rates.

The studio team creates an optimization funnel, tracking in-ad data to quickly identify places with high user abandonment and make real-time iterations. This data is critical to fine-tuning messaging, narrative, and feature highlights to increase brand awareness and IPM. The goal is to increase the eCPM with the minimum cost-per-install (CPI) possible. Higher conversion rates allow advertisers to get greater impression reach and access to better inventory, keeping the same price per user.

“The Chartboost Creative Studio team was great to work with, consistently delivering unique creatives that we love. Best of all we have 10x’ed our install volume on the Chartboost network.” – Camilo Fitzgerald, Futureplay Analyst

To reach new users, you need to serve a refreshing experience that not only showcases products but delivers compelling messages, encouraging users to take an action and measure results in real-time.

Get Started: Partner with Creative Studio to Optimize Your Ad Performance

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