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How to Make Money With Chartboost


Want to turn your passion for mobile games into a global business? It’s easy to join Chartboost and start monetizing all your apps on our worldwide network! Here’s how to earn revenue by showing ads in your mobile game…

➊ Sign up for a free account

Get access to the Chartboost dashboard, your control center for ad campaigns and analytics. Set up your payment details so we know where to send your earnings. Read monetization tips and tricks from seasoned industry pros. Sign up here ▶

➋ Download & integrate the SDK

Add our lightweight SDK to your game in minutes with only 10 lines of code. Activate Chartboost’s dynamic, media-rich ad features. Configure where and how you want ads to appear in your game. Download the SDK here ▶

➌ Start a publishing campaign

Earn revenue by publishing other game developers’ ads in your game. Upload your own creative assets to make the ads a seamless part of your in-game experience. Start a publishing campaign here ▶

➍ Optimize your campaign

Target your campaign with laser accuracy. Zero in on specific user groups, devices, countries, and more. Filter out your competition and increase your eCPM. Use analytics to see what works best. Learn more ▶

➎ Get paid

Cash. Dough. Moolah. Bacon. Whatever you call it, you’ve earned it. So go forth and spend wisely. Learn more about payment ▶