Introducing Chartboost iOS SDK 8.3 supporting iOS 14


Product Updates

September 14, 2020


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We're excited to release the official Chartboost SDK that supports iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork! Integrate our iOS SDK 8.3 to prepare for continuous monetization on iOS.With this release, we've included Chartboost SKAdNetwork ID along with all the necessary SKAdNetwork IDs from our diverse demand partners. It is critical that you add all the listed SKAdNetwork IDsto your apps Info.plist before pushing your app to the App Store.Supported mediation partners have been notified about the Chartboost iOS SDK 8.3. Reach out directly to your mediation partner about Chartboost compatibility.With this latest iOS SDK, we're ensuring that the most robust and complete contextual signaling is provided to train our models as well as digested by our demand partners to be successfully serving ads on Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) traffic.

Prepare for continuous ad monetization on iOS:

1. Integrate our latest iOS SDK 8.3.2. Add our complete list of SKAdNetwork IDs to your apps? Info.plist.3. Enable monetization on all supported ad formats; interstitials, rewarded and banner, and revisit any settings on your publishing campaigns that might be blocking certain categories or apps.4. Contact your mediation partner to ensure adapters are updated.

iOS 14 - Publisher FAQ:

How is Chartboost preparing for iOS 14?We have been closely following Apple's announcements and updates and the team has been all-hands on deck reviewing the requirements and working on solutions in close collaboration with all of our partners including MMPs, mediation partners, advertisers, publishers and more.We want to make sure we provide our customers with accurate and reliable information on the progress we're making and the solutions we're providing.Chartboost is in a great position where we have our own direct demand (programmatic and non-programmatic) that we can leverage. We are working closely with our advertisers to adapt their buying strategies on iOS once Apple is requesting developers to ask for permission to track users.What is Chartboost doing to improve advertising on iOS 14?We are collecting and utilizing additional device information to enhance contextual advertising when IDFA is not available.Since it isn't until early next year that app developers will be required to obtain permission to track users, should I still integrate iOS SDK 8.3?Our iOS SDK 8.3 comes with iOS 14 support which has been thoroughly tested on iOS 14 devices. Together with our demand partners we will be testing SKAdNetwork this year to prepare for the transition. Developers must also start preparing by integrating Chartboost iOS SDK 8.3 and enable support for iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork as soon as possible. With this latest SDK, we've also made significant performance improvements. For best possible monetization performance it's always recommended to update to the latest SDK.Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have directly to your Chartboost account manager or via our help site. To get updates directly to your inbox subscribe to our newsletter!