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Making Better Video & Playable Mobile Ads


Remember when a mobile ad was nothing more than a still picture that sat dully on your phone? We’ve come a long way!

If you’re advertising on the Chartboost network and reaching our audience of over 900 million monthly users, you probably want to deliver mobile ads that immediately captivate audiences and make them rush to install your app. As we’ve explored in previous blog posts, mobile users engage significantly more with video and playable ads over other formats.

But are users really watching your videos, or just waiting for them to end? Are your interactive creatives actually inviting users to tap, instead of forcing them? Our team of ad creative experts will now teach you these tips to turn your mobile ads into mobile experiences that convert customers.

(Haven’t tried out videos or playables yet? We can build them for your app!)


Remember your targets. Don’t blanket your entire audience with the same ad set; your users will get sick of your adsvery quickly. Change CTAs, art style, and video length for each audience segment in your campaign. Create different thematic videos for upcoming events or holidays. Localize videos to your international users’ native languages through translated voiceover and text.

Dazzle them. Make your video pop in the first five seconds with some eye candy! Our Creative Studio team recommends animations with flying particles, fireworks, and bold colors. Vertical video is highly successfully because users hold their mobile device vertically 90% of the time. Don’t frame a video within a creative; remember that a user’s screen might be small. Also, your video should be consistent with how your app appears in the app store. Keep a visually consistent journey from app store to install in order to immerse the user in your and increase overall conversion.

Mind your end card. Your video might be spectacular, but a weak end card will seriously undermine you. Remember to optimize your end cards based on your targeted user segments. Make the CTA large, clear, and uncluttered; our Creative Studio has developed an optimized end card that leaves a “safe space” of 250px between the CTA and the bottom of the end card. The CTA’s text should also relate to the video the user just watched; for example, a video about feeding dolphins should end with a CTA to “buy more fish.”

Focus on the big picture. When A/B testing your video creatives, don’t obsess over changing a shade of green from “mint” to “chartreuse.” Instead, focus on different, distinctive ways of introducing gameplay mechanics and characters.


Show ’em what you got. Right off the bat, display your game’s best feature. Demand your potential player’s attention with some eye candy. Don’t rush to show the user everything, though. Stick with one aspect of your game that will wow a new user.

To thine own self be true. Your playable should be as close to your real game as possible. Don’t create minigames that have nothing in common with the app that users end up installing. It will negatively affect your app store ratings, user quality, and retention… and you will be shunned.

Keep it simple. Uncomplicate your game’s mechanics and present them in an easily digestible way. You’ll be amazed at how the simplicity of hypercasual games can drive installs. Don’t ask the user to take complicated first steps or perform repetitive, lengthy tasks. Set clear, engaging objectives that make users feel a distinct sense of accomplishment or reward.

Leave them wanting more. End on a high note, at a peak within gameplay. Promise players that their fun will continue as soon as they tap “Install!”