Product Update: AppsFlyer Audience, SDK v7.3, etc.

Product Updates

👋🏻 Greetings from the Chartboost Team!

We briefly interrupt our regular blog schedule of tips & tricks for mobile developers and advertisers to share some product updates with you. Here we go:

Multiple Instances

Chartboost customers can now set up multiple instances with the mediation providers MoPub and AdMob. What does that mean? Basically, this allows publishers to set up unique performance buckets that are tied to specific ad placement locations within their apps. Publishers can now leverage all ad locations – no matter whether they are highly or not so desired placements – and assign specific target CPMs to the locations. Some early adopters of multiple instances among our customers have seen a significant uplift in revenue.

If you are a Chartboost customer, check with your account manager.

AppsFlyer Audience

Chartboost is now integrated with AppsFlyer’s Audience tool. Advertisers who are using AppsFlyer’s Audiences product can now create audience segments in AppsFlyer and connect them with Chartboost. Once connected, the same segments will show up in their Chartboost dashboard and can be associated with campaigns to target or negative-target. The segments get automatically updated/synced between AppsFlyer and Chartboost daily.

You can find more info about the integration here.

SDK v7.3

We wanted to let you know that SDK v7.3 is out. This SDK release includes improvements to help our publishers meet their data privacy needs.

SDK 7.3 has a new flag that assists publishers to manage user consent. The flag in the updated Chartboost SDK is called CBPIDataUseConsent.

This latest SDK update includes the ability to restrict collection of personal data from an individual end user. Publishers should call the “setPIDataUseConsent” API from the Chartboost SDK and pass on the appropriate value for whether consent exists, does not exist, or is unknown. Publishers are required as part of our Terms of Service to obtain end user consent in order for Chartboost to collect and process the publishers’ end user data.

Download SDK v7.3

AppsFlyer & Mobbo rankings

Last but not least, we love to brag just a little bit sometimes. So this is us bragging:

  • AppsFlyer recognized Chartboost as a top 10 media source in their H1 2018 Performance Index. Check out the performance index here.
  • Mobbo has released a new, mobile SDKs trends report, after analyzing 8 Million mobile apps. Chartboost was ranked as the #2 Monetization SDK. Read the press release here.
Appsflyer performance indexMobbo SDK Ranking