Space Rhinos to the Rescue: Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Although being pummeled by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Puerto Rico is not only rebuilding a nation but also reinforcing the invincibility of the human spirit. Headquarted in Guaynabo, SRG Studios (formerly Space Rhino Games) is joining the relief efforts with its new mobile game Relief Road, which lets users donate as they play.

Chartboost sat down with the SRG Studios team for a chat about Relief Road.

This is an amazing initiative, especially from a team located at the hurricane’s Ground Zero. How are you guys holding up?

Our studio is well. Between Irma and Maria, we lost three work weeks, which you can imagine is a freaking nightmare. However, our families are safe and we have a ton of work ahead of us, so we cannot complain. Some lost everything in the storm.


How does your game contribute to the relief efforts?

Relief Road is a tile-matching puzzle game where the user matches items such as water, clothing, and batteries — things that help survivors of natural disasters. By matching items and reaching a certain score, players can advance to more challenging stages with different conditions.

Funds towards the relief effort are raised through two main avenues: in-game ads and coin purchasing. Players can use the coins to buy gameplay boosts or attempt more stages if their “energy” runs out. Video ads are presented as interstitial ads, which transition the player from gameplay to the stage selection map. The revenue gathered from both of these avenues goes directly to the relief effort.

As a way to pique interest within the game, we introduced Facebook integration for sharing the app, as well as a Leaderboard where players can see their ranking in both donations and ad viewing.


Which local nonprofits are you currently partnered with?

We are partners with three main nonprofits: The Ricky Martin Foundation, ConPRmetidos, and Foundation for Puerto Rico. Each one takes a different approach to helping out Puerto Rico, whether it’s immediate relief, creating long-term sustainability for businesses, schools and farms, providing renewable energy across the island — mainly hospitals — and so on. We also enable smaller non-profits and help fund their micro-endeavors — opening food banks for the poor, saving stray animals, re-forestation.

Thank you for showing us how Puerto Rico is recovering. What’s the best way for our readers to help?

Puerto Rico is home to 3.5 million US citizens. Outside the capital, there are still many places without drinkable water and sustainable food options. 75% of the island is without power and many telecommunication towers are still down, leaving many people without a way to communicate with anyone. The best way to help right now, more than donating food, is donating money to help rebuild Puerto Rico — get it back on its feet and stronger than what is was before.

Download Relief Road for iOS and Android now!

Thanks, SRG Studios!

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