The Best Places to Show Ads in Your Mobile Game

As a publisher, you rely on your players to engage with high-quality mobile ads within your game. Chartboost works with the world’s top advertisers who are eager to show their premium ads to your players. Since publishers on the Chartboost network have full control over where and how ads appear in their mobile games, a beautifully-crafted ad can still fall flat if it doesn’t intercept your players at the right place and time. Here are the most effective game locations to show ads — especially rewarded video ads, which have been proven to increase engagement.

The Home Screen

Counterintuitive, we know, to bombard the user with an ad immediately upon startup. But for hypercasual users who don’t play as rigorously as seasoned gamers, the home screen might be your only chance to show a lightweight, high-visibility interstitial. Furthermore, an ad on the home screen can double as a friendly “Welcome back, we missed you!” message that offers power-ups or bonus points in exchange for a completed video view. Players who feel welcomed and positive about the game are more likely to engage with ads, especially if there’s a reward.

Charming Keep by Mighty Games Group

The “Game Over” screen

Everyone wants a second chance — and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth! Players who have killed off their characters too many times are willing to watch ads for more lives. Furthermore, you can incentivize players to watch ads if it means loading the game from the players’ fail points, instead of restarting the entire level. Alternatively, you can intercept users just before their characters expire with a message such as “You’re almost out of energy. Watch this video for a free boost.” This keeps your users playing your game as well as engaging with ads to maximize your earnings.

Zombie Highway by Auxbrain

The “Mission Complete” Screen

This placement is not merely for the completion of an in-game task, but is appropriate anytime a “chapter break” or intermission occurs naturally in the game. After a fierce, finger-spraining battle with a game boss, your players will appreciate a quick break to let the adrenaline wear off, and their satisfaction upon completing the level will increase chances of engagement. Again, you can swap passive interstitials with rewarded video to entice users.

The “Need a Hint” Screen

Also appropriate on “make a choice” screens (or any fork in the road that the player reaches), this ad placement offers a nudge in the right direction in exchange for an ad view — another brilliant method to keep your players playing while convincing them to view ads voluntarily.

Letterpad by NimbleBit

The Secret Area

Some games offer secret menus or “off the books” options, whether they’re bonus or beta content, cheat codes, crazy Easter eggs, et cetera. Players might only be able to access these secret options after completing a certain number of ad views. If the secret is compelling enough, users will gladly watch ads to discover it.

Nonstop Knights by Flaregames

The In-Game Marketplace

Some players will never want to spend real money in your game, but you can still monetize through them via your in-game store. Offer in-game currency, power-ups, or weapons in exchange for a certain number of ad views. Soon enough, these non-paying players will want to invest actual money to get their goodies faster. In addition, you can offer discounts on items after the player completes a video view.