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Top 11 Mobile Industry Events You Must Attend in 2018

Grab your passports, because Chartboost is doing some serious globe-trotting in 2018 to speak about current mobile trends and offer insights about in-app programmatic, monetization, emerging ad formats, and more! We?re visiting the top mobile? and mobile gaming events worldwide to pick the brains of top-tier experts and meet new and old friends. Join us at any (or all) of these events!

Industry Preview

Date: Jan. 17 – 18

Location: New York, NY

Highlights: Industry leaders from Facebook, AT&T, and Business Insider will focus their talks on what to expect in the next 12 months of marketing technology. Chartboost is excited to show how programmatic inventory and real-time bidding are shaping tomorrow?s UA strategies.

PG Connects London

Date: Jan. 22 – 23

Location: London, England

Highlights: Top gaming developers will gather to showcase industry tricks and new strategies, including influencer marketing. Johan Lofstrom, VP of Business for Chartboost?s European team, will be there to speak about how Chartboost Influence is tapping into these exciting new trends!

Mobile Growth Summit

Date: Feb. 7 – 8

Location: San Francisco, CA

Highlights: Emphasizing the data science behind marketing, speakers of this conference will discuss monetization and engagement under the lens of analytics. Chartboost will demonstrate how our analytics suite and free insights empower clients to make better business decisions.

Mobile World Congress

Date: Feb. 26 – Mar. 1

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Highlights: Join representatives from McAfee, the United Nations Foundation, and other keynotes in Barcelona for one of the world?s biggest mobile industry events. You?re guaranteed to learn about innovation, the metamorphosis of mobile marketing, and what Chartboost can do to boost your mobile ventures.

GDC San Francisco

Date: Mar. 19 – 23

Location: San Francisco, CA

Highlights: A fan favorite, GDC is the epicenter of hot new games, indie developers, and social media gurus. Chartboost will be around to show off our mobile ad technology and demonstrate how Chartboost Influence can connect advertisers to our global network of engaged players.

Global Mobile Game Confederation (GMGC)

Date: Apr. 2 – 3

Location: Beijing, China

Highlights: Get a finger on the pulse of Asia?s gaming markets! Join Chartboost as we shake hands and share ideas with the region’s top entrepreneurs, investors, and developers.

Programmatic IO SF

Date: April 5 – 6

Location: San Francisco, CA

Highlights: The future of digital marketing is programmatic, and Chartboost is thrilled to participate in the discussion along with the industry?s top talents. Learn how programmatic inventory and real-time bidding can reshape your UA strategies.

MAU 2018

Date: Apr. 25 – 26

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Highlights: Hosted by, MAU will enlighten its attendees on new mobile acquisition and retention tactics, featuring speakers from NBC Universal, Adobe, and more. Chartboost is interested not only in acquiring new users but also converting them into loyal, engaged customers.

Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC)

Date: April 26 – May 1

Location: Beijing, China

Highlights: Celebrating a decade of being the catalyst of growth in APAC, GMIC Beijing is not only a mobile industry conference but also an awards show with robots and lasers. Definitely a must-see.

Nordic Game

Date: May 23 – 25

Location: Malm?, Sweden

Highlights: Europe?s leading game conference is back with more high-profile industry speakers and a couple of local Nordic heroes. Chartboost’s Europe team will be introducing our gaming monetization platform to many new customers!


Date: July 26 – 28

Location: Shanghai, China

Highlights: This posh event brings together Asia?s top-tier brands and B2B partners for some serious delving into the role of digital entertainment and the future of digital marketing. Chartboost is definitely part of that future.

See you there!

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