Murka achieves 125% ROAS boost with Chartboost DSP



In collaboration with Murka, it was clear that the solution to their challenges had to include automation and programmatic buying capabilities. Working hand-in-hand with Murka, the Chartboost team helped set up campaigns targeting tier 1 English-speaking countries.

Using the Chartboost DSP, our algorithms applied custom predictive behavioral models to surface new users to drive greater performance. The DSP calculated the likelihood of an install and the predicted value of each user and only targeted those who would provide Murka with the highest ROI.

To maximize the capabilities of our DSP’s creative engine Murka provided a variety of creatives, allowing our platform to experiment and optimize towards the best performing creatives while measuring the impact of each user. This approach ensures that Murka is constantly showing the right types of creatives that garner the highest return.

One of Murka’s video creatives for Infinity Slots:

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The Chartboost DSP has provided Murka with an average increase of 125 percent over its D7 ROAS target consistently every month from May until October 2020. To be more granular on platform performance, the Chartboost DSP exceeded Murka’s D7 ROAS target by 38 percent on iOS, 145 percent on Google Play, and 191 percent on Amazon.

Delivering exceptional performance and service for game developers has always been a focus of the Chartboost platform. Today, Murka is a power user of the Chartboost DSP, receiving quality users and a strong ROI consistently.

”We received good quality. Initially, we were skeptical of what value the DSP would bring, but it was successful. With limited resources, a fully managed service like the Chartboost DSP is exactly what we need.”
– Nadiia Zavgorodnia, User Acquisition Manager at Murka

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