Tactile increased ad spend by 70% on Chartboost Flexbid


Chartboost Flexbid case study written by Tactile.

About Tactile

Tactile Games is a Danish game developer with about 100 employees worldwide. We are headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in the UK and Tenerife. Our focus is on building casual puzzle games with hit titles like Cookie Cats, Simon’s Cat, and Lily’s Garden.

The Challenge

Our approach to user acquisition (UA) is very technical and data-driven. In order for our UA team to remain lean and effective, we want to automate and do things programmatically in areas where it makes sense to do so. Partnering with ad networks that allow us to work (and scale) with our programmatic approach has always been key for us. This is where Chartboost has been very helpful.

The Solution

Flexbid by Chartboost has proven to be very valuable for us by allowing us to scale using our own programmatic approach. With Flexbid API, we are able to set our bids on a publisher level which enabled us to bid higher on specific high LTV publishers. Chartboost network has always been a source of good traffic for us. Flexbid just allowed us to scale even further where we are now able to bid on multiple dimensions and thus be more precise. The people at Chartboost are quick to respond and extremely professional which have helped us overcome technical roadblocks.

Applying bids programmatically through Flexbid gave us more transparency and control over how our campaigns performed. The people at Chartboost have also been very helpful along the way, which made the transition to run Flexbid on most of our games a smooth process.? Amar Medic, User Acquisition Manager at Tactile

The Results

Today, more than 70% of our spend on Chartboost is happening through our Flexbid campaigns and our main goal is to double that amount. Applying bids programmatically through Flexbid by Chartboost gave us more transparency and control over how our campaigns performed.

Flexbid makes us feel more confident about the bids that we are setting, as it allows a higher granularity, and thus more precise bids.? Rasmus L. P., Software Developer at Tactile

Read our previous blog post to learn more about Chartboost Flexbid. Download the case study as a pdf here.

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