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Customer Story


Increasing Conversions by 70% with Playable Ads

Product Madness launched in 2007 by two founders who defined themselves by the love of gaming. While they started with a focus on casual games, the team placed a bet to become the world’s leading publisher of social casino games – and it paid off. Casino game company Aristocrat acquired Product Madness in 2012 to bring together the top online slots games with land-based slots. Today, Product Madness’s flagship slots game Heart of Vegas reaches millions of mobile game players.


Stay on top of the latest trends

With a well-established IP and a significant player base, Product Madness knows the key to an always evolving user acquisition strategy is to stay on top of the latest interactive ad experiences. That’s why the team worked with Chartboost to launch their first playable ad campaigns. The results were nothing to play with – a 70% increase over their static campaigns.

The future of ads is interactive


Leveraging the high quality assets and gameplay of Hearts of Vegas, the Chartboost team designed and built a playable ad with the player experience top of mind. From first click to final install, Chartboost game experts thought through each step to create an interactive ad that feels completely natural to the player.

“We want the first experience someone has with a Product Madness game to be instantly engaging and fun. This can be a challenge with static or video – it’s a passive experience. Now with Chartboost’s interactive Playable Ads, the player gets a taste in under 20 seconds so when they install we already know that they’re engaged.”

– Patrick Witham, Director of UA, Product Madness

Increased engagement, installs, and overall quality

Product Madness engaged new players with Chartboost Playable Ads on iOS and Google Play, seeing up to a 70% increase in overall conversion from static. They immediately saw higher click through and higher install rates with a targeted audience that was ready to play.

The user acquisition team at Product Madness is excited to continue driving the highest conversions for their current and new titles with an interactive playable ad experience.

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