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Customer Story


Jumping 500% in Conversions with Playable Ads

Berlin-based Wooga is known for casual mobile games with hits like Jelly Splash, Pearl’s Peril, and Bubble Island. Founded in 2009, Wooga’s team covers the world across 40 different countries making it a truly global company. To maintain the growth of their global free-to-play games, Wooga stays on top of the latest user acquisition strategies.

From video to animated GIF, Wooga is always one of our first beta partners for new formats including the latest Chartboost Playable Ads. Being an early adopter also means early success and the performance of playables for Wooga proves it. For Pearl’s Peril and Bubble Island 2, Wooga saw a 70% and a 500% increase in conversion over static! Read on to learn how.


A focus on dynamic formats

“Playable ads allow us to showcase our games, giving players a chance to try before downloading – this is a game changer for marketing. After running playable ad campaigns with Chartboost the past few months, we’re seeing very high install rates which boost our eCPM, expand our global reach and in the end increase our overall install volume.”

– Martzel de Domingo, User Acquisition Manager, Wooga

When developing new playable ads for Wooga’s campaigns, it was important to build an experience that distilled the best elements of each game. When you only have 10-20 seconds to engage a potential new player, the mini-game must capture their attention within the first few seconds. Leveraging the key gameplay aspects from Pearl’s Peril and Bubble Island 2, Chartboost developed powerful playable ads across all devices on iOS and Android.

Over doubled conversion with increased retention

Wooga’s global playable ad campaigns performed incredibly well compared to static interstitial campaigns. Pearl’s Peril had a 70% conversion increase with a 12.7% increase in D1 retention. The early taste players get from a mini-game ad experience truly drives the highest quality installs. Bubble Island 2 soared in performance with a 500% increase in overall conversions over static.

The team at Wooga is excited to evolve their user acquisition strategy with the most innovative interactive campaigns powered by Chartboost.

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