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Target global,
in-app supply

Our real-time bidding exchange is built to reach premium mobile audiences at scale

Access to premium in-app inventory

Get direct access to premium in-app inventory across more than 300,000 SDK-integrated apps worldwide.

With the Chartboost Exchange, you can target an engaged and affluent audience of over 900 million unique monthly users worldwide.


Precise targeting

Control where and how every dollar is spent to optimize for high-value traffic. Target campaigns by app URL, bundle ID, device type, and impression details like ad format and geo location.

Innovative ad formats

Deliver compelling brand stories with dynamic, interactive ads optimized to drive higher engagement. The Chartboost SDK renders beautifully cross-platform, giving you the flexibility to serve highly engaging ad formats.

Powerful brand safety & fraud protection

Your brand customers care about safety and viewability. We vigilantly monitor for fraud and are integrated with third-party tools like Moat to measure viewability. We constantly use hard data to  verify, monitor, and onboard publishers that meet both our and your quality requirements.

Join the top mobile demand partners!

Top DSPs trust the Chartboost Exchange to deliver compelling brand stories to the right audience at scale.

Index Exchange

Customer Stories

"Working with Chartboost allowed us to access a broader games audience to reach our target audience at scale, generating a high return at an optimal CPC."

Nicol Cseko
VP of Product - Aarki

"We've found that Chartboost provide unique demand and immediate lift when participating in our unified auction."

David Leviev
VP Programmatic Product Development - Timehop

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