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Elevate Performance and Transparency with Helium

Increase Revenue

Maximize yield with real-time bids from diverse high-quality demand where highest bid wins resulting in more revenue.

  • Additional revenue without a complete monetization overhaul
  • Higher CPMs with real-time bids
  • Better fill rate with fair competition among demand

Save Resources

Save ad operations resources by not having to manually update waterfall positions and negotiating deals that don’t deliver the highest yield.

  • Save hours weekly from manual waterfall optimization with real-time bidding and automation
  • No technical switching cost as Helium works with your existing monetization setup
  • Ensure the highest performing setup with our A/B testing features 
Helium dashboard

100% Transparency & Control

Unlike proprietary mediation, Helium provide raw auction data to better determine the market value of your inventory.  

  • Bid price data to better inform your LTV
  • Bidding competition by demand source 
  • Global and country eCPM floors in your full control
helium transparency

White-Glove Support

Our product and support team will be supporting you directly from day one to ensure successful integrations and exceptional performance.

  • Fully supported technical integration where we work out the best setup for you.
  • Dedicated resources optimizing your performance
helium White glove support

What Makes Helium Different?

first mobile gaming icon

Mobile gaming focused in-app unified auction

As an early innovator of mobile game in-app advertising, we continue to expound on that expertise to build the best monetization technology for developers.

transparent icon

The most transparent solution

No black box. No hidden fees. It is the most transparent in-app unified auction with full access to auction data. 


Compatible programmatic layer with your monetization stack

You have full control with the option to put Helium on top or in parallel with your current setup. Plus, you’ll be able to find the highest performing setup with our a/b testing feature. 

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A true unified auction

Unlike other solutions in the market, Helium runs an auction in real-time with committed CPMs and not based on historical or predictive values.

Helium Case Study

Bingo of Wizard app square

“Helium’s technical integration is very straightforward and we’ve seen a 10% increase in ARPDAU only after one month of testing.”

Alexander Kuzub
CTO, Dynamic Games

Helium in the News

Want to learn more about Helium?

Contact your Account Manager for more info or email helium@chartboost.com.