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Introduce your game the way it’s meant to be played

An entirely new ad experience built around the player. Chartboost Playable Ads create an immersive interactive moment within a game so your ad is seamless and natural.


Optimize for play

Designed from start to finish with the gamer in mind, our team of mobile game experts will craft your custom playable ad for optimal engagement.

Chartboost Playable Ads Perform

This ad creative is powerful for both advertisers and publishers.

+123% Conversion

for advertisers overall

2x publisher eCPM

without decreased retention

*average increase over static interstitial

+26.4% D7 retention

across all genres

Customers Love Playables

“We want the first experience someone has with a Product Madness game to be instantly engaging and fun. This can be a challenge with static or video – it’s a passive experience. Now with Chartboost’s interactive playable ads, the player gets a taste in under 20 seconds so when they install we already know that they’re engaged.”

– Patrick Witham, Director of UA, Product Madness

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“Chartboost has done a great job of making an interactive ad into a more seamless and entertaining user experience. This product has helped us tell more people about Episode in a cost effective way. We are really excited about using Chartboost playables more in the future.”

– Celine Di, Performance Marketing, Pocket Gems

“Playable ads allow us to showcase our games, giving players a chance to try before downloading – this is a game changer for marketing. After running playable ad campaigns with Chartboost the past few months, we’re seeing very high install rates which boost our eCPM, expand our global reach and in the end increase our overall install volume.”

– Martzel de Domingo, User Acquisition Manager, Wooga

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