Watch Our Webinar: How to Prepare Your Mobile Game Prelaunch

June 7 · Chartboost · 2 Min read
Watch our expert App Store Optimization panel that will help you leave behind all the uncertainties when coming to launch a mobile game.
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When preparing for a mobile game launch there are many uncertainties:

  • What will early-adopters think about the game? 
  • How will they connect with the game’s marketing materials? 
  • How does it fit into the competitive landscape that already exists?

In order to ensure a successful launch that will maximize growth, you need to start thinking about your app store presence long before you actually get to the launch stage. 

StoreMavenAppTweak are hosting an expert ASO panel on just that.

You’ll hear directly from Eric Choi, Associate ASO Manager at Jam City, Karsten Davis, Performance Marketing Manager, as well as Eric Woods, Performance Marketing Manager both from Mobilityware, as they bring details from the front lines on how these top mobile brands go about planning a launch.

They’ll be sharing their own personal approaches as they delve into:

  • How to gather user feedback before the game is out
  • How to find the best app store marketing creative assets to launch with
  • How to create a strategy to ensure high visibility from the beginning 
  • How to prepare UA efforts around your launch that will scale

You can watch the full webinar here: