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With access to SDK-direct integrations and global in-app supply, mobile app marketers are able to hit ROI goals through real-time audience-based buying and advanced bidding tools. 

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The growing mobile app audience consists of diverse high-quality users. Mobile app users are big spenders and highly engaged by virtue of unique app experiences. 

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Easily create, launch, and track your CPI or CPM campaigns in a powerful self-service dashboard or via API. Chartboost offer the most robust bid amplifiers in the market.   


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Reach out to our expert team to learn how programmatic buying with Chartboost can help you drive performance and scale.

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Tailor your campaign optimizations across a wide range of bid dimensions using Flexbid on Chartboost dashboard or via API.


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If you are a DSP, access our quality premium in-app inventory for your advertisers via Chartboost Exchange. 

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“Running programmatic advertising campaigns with Chartboost has provided access to unique inventory and great payers rate. The results have exceeded our expectations.” Aleksey Golovachev, Marketing Team Lead Awem Games exceeds ROAS target by 76% on the Chartboost platform D7 ROAS Overachievement 76% Read story “We received good quality users. With limited resources, a fully managed service like the Chartboost DSP is exactly what we need.” Nadiia Zavgorodnia, User Acqusition Manager Murka achieves 125% ROAS boost with Chartboost DSP D7 ROAS Overachievement 125% Read story Murka “We managed to scale our activities while maintaining a strong ROAS making our campaigns profitable at such a scale.” Elena Tsarkova, Senior User Acquisition Manager Chartboost overachieves Wooga’s D2 ROAS goal by 20% Ad Spend Increase 4x Read story D2 ROAS Overachievement 20% “Applying bids programmatically through Flexbid gave us more transparency and control over how our campaigns performed.” Amar Medic, User Acquisition Manager Tactile Increased Ad Spend with Chartboost Flexbid Ad Spend Increase 70% Read story "Every setup has been very easy and the Chartboost team is extremely helpful and patient in answering any questions with the fastest response time.” Edwin Hsu, CEO & Founder Triwin improved ROAS with Chartboost ROAS Increase 440% Read story “The vertical video campaigns resulted in a 50% lift in overall ROI. By leveraging high-quality ad formats on the Chartboost network we were able to engage our most valuable audiences and drive results.”
Hyoni Kim, User Acquisition Manager How DoubleU Games Doubled Down to Increase ROI ROI Increase 50% Read story

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