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Chartboost is a leading in-app programmatic advertising and monetization platform. We empower developers to earn high CPMs while connecting marketers with highly engaged audiences through immersive ad experiences.


Chartboost was founded in San Francisco, and the first product, Cross Promotion, was released.


We have expanded our product offering with the Chartboost Network and have opened our Amsterdam office.


Chartboost Marketplace (a.k.a Chartboost Exchange) was born, and the company expanded globally by opening a new office in Beijing, China.


The growth continues. Chartboost opened a satellite office in Barcelona, Spain, as part of its global expansion.


Chartboost Mediation is launched, and publishers now have more options to choose from.


Acquired by Zynga and continued to build the world’s only advertising platform designed by gaming experts.

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Meet Chartboost leadership

A passionate group of experts on a mission to make mobile advertising serve mobile game publishers and not vice versa

Shelby Blueher

Director of Human Resources

Long Bui

Director of Data Science & Analytics

Jeffrey Carlson

Head of Product

Kavitha Gadde

Senior Director, Global Revenue & Partnerships

Kyle Grymonprez

Senior Director, Engineering

Kelly Hinton

Head of Business Operations

Sally Tai

Head of Finance

The U.S.

San Francisco

One Sansome Street Floor 21 San Francisco, CA 94104



Carrer de la Llacuna 166, Floor 8, 08018, Barcelona