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Unlocking mobile game revenue with cross-team collaboration
Cross-team collaboration leads to better ideas, faster implementation, and higher-quality company culture — all of…
Boosting ad fill rates: Minimizing bugs and maximizing profitability
You will never hit 100% fill rate. You could get close, but it’s difficult due to user activity and game crashes. So…
How to diversify your ad revenue streams | Chartboost Academy
To maximize growth, you should diversify your ad revenue streams. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to do just that.…
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User acquisition

6 tips to ensure your mobile ad monetization compliance | Chartboost Academy
Digital advertising is a double-edged sword. It has the potential to increase company profits but can also damage the…
How to balance ad load and frequency to maintain player engagement and lifetime value | Chartboost Academy
Learn ad frequency best practices in mobile games to maintain player engagement and lifetime value.
How to leverage social media influencers to acquire new mobile players | Chartboost Academy
Learn how to use social media influencers to acquire new players for your mobile game. Increase revenue and stand out in…
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