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“Chartboost is encouraging and embracing diversity
which creates a foundation for growth and advancement.”

Ashkhen Minasyan, Senior Business Development Manager

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Pablo Ruiz Matarán
Data Scientist

“I really like tackling challenging ad tech problems using artificial intelligence, continuously pushing the limits of our technology. The great company culture and being surrounded by highly talented people make the journey to reach our goals considerably enjoyable.”

Yidan Wang
Business Operations Specialist

“Chartboost has ushered me into the vibrant realm of mobile ad tech, a world where pixels and code seamlessly intertwine to craft digital marvels. I’m honored to be a trailblazer alongside fellow Boosters, charting new territories at the forefront of ad tech innovation.”

Charbel Ghossain
Director of Engineering

“Almost 5 years as a Chartbooster allowed me to immerse myself in a diverse and inclusive culture, while also gaining valuable insights and learning about the global market through interactions with colleagues and clients from different backgrounds and countries.”

Anna Guitart Atienza
Senior Data Scientist

“My journey at Chartboost has been an inspiring encounter with exceptional talent thriving within a collaborative culture. This unique blend fuels our drive to tackle new challenges and innovate together.”

Tao Zhang
Solutions Engineer

“I am thoroughly impressed with my company — it’s a truly wonderful place. The cohesive teamwork and seamless communication create an environment where collaboration flourishes, making it a great professional home.”

Joseph Caprino
Senior Software Engineer, Bidder

“Chartboost is a great time. Management keeps an open ear and an open door. This past year, we built a system that serves over 10 trillion ML predictions a day. I love working with my team and the friendly folks around the org!”

Maria Elena Agullo Bernabeu
Supply Operations Manager

“The celebration of diverse perspectives and backgrounds fuels innovation and drives Chartboost’s success, making it a truly special place to work. The teamwork here is exceptional, and we leverage advanced technology and tools that make work efficient and enjoyable.”

Eugene Keng
Account Executive

“Chartboost is a very humane company that cares about and supports its employees, and provides each employee with a unique personal career development path. It is very diversified and accommodates different personality traits. Chartboost is a big family to employees.”

Katrina V. Garcia
Senior Accountant

“The best part of these past 9 years has been the opportunity to work with some amazing people.”

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