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Free Cross Promotion. Buy and sell mobile ads directly with other developers in the Direct Deals marketplace. Plus the largest mobile games-only ad network with interstitial and mobile video ads. All with unprecedented transparency and data to help you drive intelligent decisions.

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Largest and games-only

The most popular games in the world use Chartboost. We work with 90% of developers in the top 10 grossing games! And we only support mobile games, fostering an ecosystem of high quality players that you won’t find anywhere else — at mind-blowing scale.


Only Chartboost offers mobile game developers the ability to deliver the same interstitial and mobile video ads across cross promotion, direct deals and the mobile ad network with just one SDK. Set up once and run campaigns across multiple channels.

Native Experience

Spammy ads suck, so why put them in your game? Chartboost has a seamless, native experience where the interstitial and mobile video ad feels like part of the mobile game, meaning higher install rates and more money.

100% Transparency and Control

Complete transparency over exactly who is advertising in your mobile games, where your mobile ads are appearing, and how they’re performing — down to the actual app name. 100% control over where, when, and how often you show promotions inside your games.

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Every Game Developer’s Best Friend

700 million monthly active players. 200,000 games. 20 billion monthly game sessions.

Candy Crush

“Every mobile game that I know is using Chartboost. They understand what mobile game developers need to build a successful business.”

— Tommy palm, Candy Crush mastermind


“We already generate terrific revenue with Chartboost’s static interstitials. Then our revenue surged by 70% after integrating rewarded video ads. With Chartboost, we get both interstitial and mobile video ads in one product.”

— Erlend Børslid Haugsdal, CEO & co-founder

Future Games of London

“The first thing every mobile game developer should do when they launch a new game is to integrate the Chartboost SDK! With Chartboost’s cross-promotion functionality, we are able to connect our own games and promote in-game content to our players for free.”

— Ian Harper, Managing Director & Co-founder


“Chartboost has everything that I need to acquire the highest quality players: an enormous diversity of games, plus the ability to target, track, and optimize with detailed app analytics.”

— Eric Seufert, VP of User Acquisition and Engagement

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“Chartboost is a must-have for every mobile game developer. If you’re not using it, you’re losing money. Their reach and transparency are just amazing.”