New report! Everything you need to know about the mobile gaming audience Learn More

New report! Everything you need to know about the mobile gaming audience Learn More

Build a successful mobile game business

Chartboost is the leading marketplace for you to maximize revenue and acquire new players.

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A marketplace built by developers for developers

Chartboost is on a mission to empower developers like you to succeed. Here’s how you can do that for your business:

Monetize & acquire

Maximize revenue and capture new players with video and interstitial ads through the ad network, cross promotion or direct deals.

Rich experience

Get fresh mobile ad experiences tailor-made for mobile games, including video, animated GIFs, cinemagraphs and interstitials.


See and control who advertises in your games, including where ads appear and how often.


Track and act upon performance metrics across all of your campaigns via one intuitive dashboard.

Everything you need to know to master mobile game monetization

Helping thousands of developers like you build successful businesses


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Chartboost has everything that I need to acquire the highest quality players: an enormous diversity of games, plus the ability to target, track, and optimize with detailed app analytics.”

Ville Heijari
CMO, Games


Every mobile game that I know is using Chartboost. They understand what mobile game developers need to build a successful business.”

Tommy Palm
Candy Crush Mastermind


We already generate terrific revenue with Chartboost’s static interstitials. Then our revenue surged by 70% after integrating rewarded video ads. With Chartboost, we get both interstitial and mobile video ads in one product.”

Erlend Børslid Haugsdal
CEO & Co-Founder


The first thing every mobile game developer should do when they launch a new game is to integrate the Chartboost SDK! With Chartboost’s cross-promotion functionality, we are able to connect our own games and promote in-game content to our players for free.”

Ian Harper
Managing Director & Co-Founder

Simply integrate an SDK with a few lines of code to get started

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