Rewarded video ads, plus tips for your game monetization strategy | TBOF newsletter #4

August 20 · Nick Schultz · 4 Min read
Welcome to the latest edition of TBOF newsletter. Today we’re exploring the powerful role of prioritizing the player experience with data, crafting an effective ad mon strategy, and rewarded video ads served two ways.
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Welcome to the latest edition of The Business of Fun newsletter. Today we’re exploring the powerful role of prioritizing the player experience with data and analytics, crafting an effective ad monetization strategy, and rewarded video ads served two ways. Plus, we’re mopping up the spilled tea on the future of ad monetization from WN Istanbul. 

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Read: Game-changing strategies straight from Chartboost Academy (x3!)

If your strategy hat is somewhere long forgotten, it’s time to dust it off. 

Having a clear mobile game strategy is key. It allows you to make informed decisions and discover new opportunities for growth and revenue.

So take your pick from the following strategy-based articles, or supersize your order by reading all three. 🍔🍔🍔

1. Explore how data and analytics can help prioritize player experience, improve monetization, and reduce ad fatigue. Follow the seven KPIs that measure success, personalization with AI, and best practices for effective data analysis.
📖 How to prioritize player experience with data and analytics

2. Improve ad performance and increase revenue through testing and optimization in this five-step guide.
📖 Ad monetization strategy for better mobile game performance

3. Understand how private marketplace auctions (PMPs) in mobile advertising work and get tips on building strong communication with advertisers for thriving partnerships.
📖 Maximizing your partnership marketing strategy

Watch: The future of ad monetization

People visit Istanbul for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture. 

This year mobile gaming professionals flocked to “the city on seven hills” for something even more exciting: WN Conference.

Chartboost hosted an insightful session with experts from Nordeus, Rollic Games, and Socialpoint, covering various aspects of ad monetization strategy. We discussed the impact of game design on ads, the transition from interstitial to rewarded video ads, segmentation, and other key topics. 

Panelists also shared their expertise on navigating challenges such as IDFA deprecation and recessionary conditions while ensuring exceptional user experiences. 

🎥 Don’t miss the valuable insights.

Bookmark: A “rewarded video ads” double feature 🍿

Did you know rewarded video ads are having a moment? Not just because they’re effective for increasing revenue and engaging players, but also offering a win-win for users and advertisers. 

How you can you get in on the goods? Here’s a double-dose:

1. Learn how to implement an effective rewarded video strategy — from choosing the right ads partner to prioritizing the user experience and testing and optimizing your ads.
📌 Increasing your rewarded video revenue

2. Unpack how different game genres utilize rewarded videos to maximize revenue and engagement. Explore ad placement strategies, user segmentation, and how to balance in-app purchase (IAP) and in-app advertising (IAA) revenue streams.
📌 A comparative analysis of hypercasual games & other genres

Lastly, an industry prognostication: 5 milestones for generative AI in ad creative

We’ve been following Eric Seufert’s expertise for some time now, and he’s just written a piece on generative AI — the tech that’s sparked ongoing debates in the industry. 

Eric’s perspective is intriguing, as you’d expect: he foresees five milestones of generative AI that could reshape the advertising landscape. 

Milestone 5 is particularly compelling:

“At this milestone, the Generative AI ad creative platform doesn’t merely select a single ad creative from an existing set to fill an impression for a given user as a function of their audience membership; it produces in real time the ad creative with the highest predicted probability of leading to a conversion based on that specific user’s behavioral profile.”

‍If this is indeed a peak into the future, the way ad creatives are produced and optimized is on the cusp of great transformation. 

🔮 Check it out here (subscription may be required)

Aaand that’s a wrap. Thanks for joining us for another edition of TBOF.