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Generate revenue with the leading in-app monetization platform

More money with high-quality demand

Generate mobile revenue and earn the highest eCPMs with our powerful in-app monetization technology. The Chartboost platform attains the highest bid from a vast pool of demand partners and top advertisers competing for your inventory.

Your app, your choice

We empower app developers to customize the ad experience and ad targeting within their mobile apps down to the last detail. You can choose which audiences see which ads, when, and how often. In your publishing campaign, you can customize the ad targeting by country, genre, device type, and OS version. Of course, you can also block other apps or companies from advertising in your mobile app.  

Enhanced ad experience for higher conversion

Our dynamic ad templates are optimized for performance and are designed to blend seamlessly into your mobile app. Our SDK enables you to generate more revenue from your app with high-performing video and interactive ads.

Transparent reporting

Chartboost is the only monetization platform that offers radical transparency down to the advertising app level.

Integrate Helium on top or alongside your monetization stack

Helium in-app unified auction is here to deliver better performance, efficiency, and transparency by increasing demand for every impression. With a new lightweight SDK including A/B testing features and an insightful dashboard with bid price data, you’re armed with transparency and control to take your business to the next level.  

Helium in-app programmatic bidding solution

Trusted by the world’s leading app developers

With over 300,000 SDK-integrated apps,
Chartboost's monetization platform is used by the largest app developers worldwide.


Start earning with the Chartboost SDK


Monetize in 5 minutes or less

It takes only a few minutes to implement our SDK and start earning revenue.


Integrate our lightweight SDK

The Chartboost SDK’s small but powerful footprint delivers high-speed video and interactive ads without disrupting the user experience.


Get multi-platform support

Our SDK is designed to support the leading ad formats across iOS, Android, Unity, and Amazon.

Bandai Namco Increases Revenue
by 71% in First Week!

“In our first week running Chartboost Video ads, we achieved a 71% improvement in revenue! Chartboost is completely committed to making us successful.”

Ben Acevedo
Producer - Bandai Namco Games

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