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Chartboost acquires Roostr to connect mobile games with YouTube influencers

Feb 11, 2016 – VentureBeat
Chartboost has created a marketplace for mobile-game developers to find players and make money. And now it wants to extend that with the acquisition of Roostr, which has created its own marketplace that connects mobile-game influencers directly with mobile-game developers.

Chartboost acquires influencer network Roostr to tap into fast-growing social UA opportunity

Feb 11, 2016 – PocketGamer
Roostr’s marketplace for linking mobile game advertisers with YouTubers has quickly become a solution for developers large and small who want to take advantage of YouTube’s growing social power but don’t have the ability to cut deals with individual channel owners.

Dos españoles expanden su negocio en la meca del videojuego

Feb 11, 2016 – El País
Chartboost, fundada por María Alegre y José Luis Agell, compra Roostr para potenciar el contenido de los videojuegos a través de videobloggers

Chartboost introduces new services to help mobile game developers maximize their revenue

May 21, 2015 – VentureBeat
Chartboost wants to be a game developer’s best friend. That’s why the company is introducing three new services today aimed at making developers more money. Those services include post-install analytics for mobile games, the ability to identify the advertising source for new customers, and the ability to match the right ad networks to the right mobile gamers.

Chartboost Launches 3 New Tools to Aid Mobile Game Developers With Data

May 21, 2015 – AdWeek
Chartboost, a mobile game discovery and monetization platform, announced Thursday the addition of three new products to help mobile game developers grow with data.

Chartboost Is Looking To Level The Playing Field For Game Devs, Hook Up With Fyber, HeyZap

May 21, 2015 – AdExchanger
Developing game apps is a hard knock life – because once the development is done, the monetization work begins. “Game developers have specific needs,” said Chung-Man Tam, chief product officer at mobile game discovery platform Chartboost, which launched a collection of tools on Thursday aimed at helping devs take better advantage of their first-party data.

Top 10 Women Mobile and App Leaders

March 18, 2015 – Business of Apps
Women are playing an essential role in the success of the app economy. In the same way that the global nature of the industry has encouraged a diversity of perspectives, products and approaches, it is important to note just how many women have helped shape the state of the industry as it is today.

Chartboost, Chukong Link Up To Bring Mobile Game Cross-Promotion To Chinese Developers

July 31, 2014 – TechCrunch
Now the world’s biggest smartphone market, China represents a wealth of still-growing opportunities for mobile game developers. While app developers in the West are fretting that the so-called “Gold Rush” is over, China’s market is still growing rapidly with north of 800 million active smart devices.

Chartboost partners with China’s Chukong Technologies to take game monetization global

July 31, 2014 – VentureBeat
Chartboost, which helps mobile developers monetize their games, is expanding its global reach in an alliance with China’s Chukong Technologies.

Chartboost makes China move with Chukong

July 31, 2014 – PocketGamer
Chukong Technologies and Chartboost have announced a strategic partnership to bring the latter’s mobile monetisation platform to China. Revealed in a briefing at the ChinaJoy 2014 conference in Shanghai, Chukong will provide its support to help Chartboost gain market share.

Chartboost Partners with Chukong Technologies to Expand Into China

July 31, 2014 – Inside Mobile Apps
Mobile game discovery and monetization platform Chartboost has announced its partnership with mobile games company Chukong Technologies to expand its reach into Asia, providing Chinese developers with the tools necessary to find new players and monetize their games to achieve increased revenue and higher user retention.

A Startup Looks to Build on Facebook’s Latest Billion-Dollar Business

June 10, 2014 – BuzzFeed Business
Facebook has turned mobile app install advertising into a massive new business.Now, Chartboost is looking for life after the app install.

Apple Steps Up Campaign to Woo China Developers

June 5, 2014 – Bloomberg
Think Google campus, but 10 times the size,” said Pepe Agell, head of international for mobile-advertising company Chartboost Inc., who recently visited the Chengdu area. “The scale and magnitude of this park is incredible — a hub of activity and innovation filled with thousands of iOS and Android developers.

Chartboost aims to transform game discovery with launch of Video and InPlay

March 10, 2014 – PocketGamer
Backed by high quality HD video, Charboost Video allows for smart targeting and ad optimisation and will give devs full control over the design and implementation of their Video campaigns.

Chartboost launches video and in-game ads to boost mobile game monetization

March 10, 2014 – VentureBeat
Chartboost wants to be the mobile game developer’s best friend, and it’s doing that this week by launching two new ways to advertise games. The company enables developers get free game installations by permitting them to swap traffic with each other. And now it can do so via video ads and in-game ads.

Chartboost Adds Video and “Product Placement”-Style Game Ads

March 10, 2014 – Recode
Mobile games-advertising-within-games network Chartboost is getting two new ad formats: Videos that will reward users for watching them and special display ads designed to be integrated into gameplay.

The Great Flappy Birds Clone Rush: Here Comes Ironpants, FlappyDoge, and More

February 12, 2014 – VentureBeat
Following a fairly noisy weekend with the news surrounding the success and eventual removal of Flappy Bird, Chartboost noticed some interesting activity on our platform,” Chartboost revenue officer Clay Kellogg told GamesBeat.

Entrpreneurs Around the Globe

January 31, 2014 – ESADE
I had to dive in head-first and face the unknown, and it became clear that building a company was a marathon, not a sprint

Top 10 Mobile Advertising Companies

January 21, 2014 – VentureBeat
Google is in. Facebook is in. So are Chartboost, Flurry, and InMobi. HasOffers, Tapjoy, Millenial, and SponsorPay all also made the cut

How Kik, Overkill 2, and other App Store winners broke the million-download mark

January 10, 2014 – Boston Globe
Games continue to dominate the app stores. On Google Play, 145 of their top 300 downloaded apps are games with many over one million downloads. So, how do they get there?

Forbes 30 Under 30: Games

January 6, 2014 – Forbes
With her partner Sean Fannan, Alegre created Chartboost, a gaming-focused ad platform that helps the creators of more than 16,000 mobile games deliver ads and track their sales and promotions.

The Year Ahead in Gaming, According to the Mobile Guys

January 2, 2014 – Recode
Year-in-review posts are so last week (and last website). Instead, let’s look ahead: After a busy year of increasing competition in videogames, what’s next?

El Pais’ Top 100 Most Relevant People in 2013

December 27, 2013 – El Pais
Barcelona Entrepreneur based in San Francisco has cofounded Chartboost, a leading mobile gaming platform.

Chartboost adds ex-Google, Booyah exec Chung-Man Tam as CPO

October 10, 2013 – PocketGamer
Mobile gaming cross-promotion and monetisation platform Chartboost is growing fast, and in all areas. Over the past six months, the number of games using its services has doubled to 32,000, while monthly sessions are now at 12 billion.

Chartboost releases global CPI heat map for iOS and Android installs

August 2, 2013 – PocketGamer
Plenty of mobile ecosystem companies are now releasing high-level market data. And US outfit Chartboost has joined their number. It’s doing something rather different – and more graphical – than most, however. Every month, it’s releasing a global ‘heat map’ of the cost per install on iOS and Android on a micro-site.

Chartboost Expands Platform Offerings to Include Real-Time In-App Commerce Updates

July 11, 2013 – All Things D
Developers seeking to monetize their mobile games have a handful of options, but in recent years the clear winner has been F2P-IAP. For those of you who speak English, that means free-to-play games supported by in-app purchases, or virtual goods like new levels, characters and bonuses.

Chartboost Launches New Way For Mobile Game Devs To Power In-App Purchases

July 11, 2013 – TechCrunch
Chartboost, the fast-growing cross-promotion network for mobile game developers, is adding another revenue stream to its belt. It’s launching a new back-end service that will power in-app purchases and stores inside mobile games.

San Francisco Week: Why Chartboost sees San Francisco as gaming’s global hub

June 27, 2013 – PocketGamer
It’s not just mobile developers and publishers that base themselves in San Francisco. Chartboost – one of the world’s most successful app discovery platforms – also set up shop in the city by the bay, standing side by side with many of the thousands of developers that tap into its API-based advertising and promotion service.

Chartboost Launches Groups Where Game Developers Can Trade Traffic

June 20, 2013 – TechCrunch
Chartboost, a platform that helps game developers promote each others’ titles, is opening a ‘Groups’ feature where multiple developers that want to partner up from a specific country, incubator (or wherever, really) can do direct deals.

Chartboost expands mobile game developer cross-promotion business into Europe

April 23, 2013 – VentureBeat
Chartboost has created alternatives to expensive mobile advertising for game companies by enabling developers and publishers to promote games within their own networks. And now it is expanding into Europe with its first international office in Amsterdam..

Chartboost announces the 7 teams coming to its pre-GDC boot camp

February 22, 2013 – PocketGamer
If you want to be a valuable company that offers services to mobile game developers, you have to get down and dirty with mobile game developers. At least, that’s the approach many outfits are now taking as they offer developer funds or partnerships that at first glance seem outside their area of specialism.

Game discovery platform Chartboost is on fire, scores Sequoia in $19 million Series B

January 8, 2013 – Pando Daily
There are two principal challenges facing mobile game developers today. The first is app discovery. Amid an increasing sea of choices, it’s never been more difficult to gain user mind share and crucial mobile device home screen real estate. Secondly, once a developer has acquired its users, it still has to figure out how to monetize them.

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Chartboost Acquires Roostr to Connect Mobile Games With Gaming Influencers

Feb 11, 2016
SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Today, Chartboost, the leading marketplace for mobile games to find new players and make more money, announced the acquisition of Roostr, the biggest marketplace for gaming influencers to connect directly with mobile game developers. With the acquisition, Chartboost will offer game developers a completely new way to reach new players. At the same time, Roostr will benefit from incredible access to the top mobile games — increasing game choices for influencers and enabling them to find the perfect fit for their audiences. Read more >>

Chartboost Opens Japan Office to Support Rapidly Growing Asian Mobile Gaming Market

March 29, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO, CA and TOKYO, JAPAN — Chartboost, the largest mobile games-only platform to increase revenue and discover new players, today announced the opening of a new office in Tokyo, Japan, to bring their powerful monetization and advertising technology to the Japanese mobile game market. Read more >>

Chartboost Partners with Chukong Technologies to Expand Their Global Footprint and Level up the Mobile Game Market

July 30, 2014
SAN FRANCISCO & BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Chartboost, the largest revenue platform for mobile games, and international mobile games company Chukong Technologies today announced a strategic partnership to bring Chartboost’s powerful monetization and advertising technology to the Chinese mobile market. Read more >>

Chartboost Launches New Targeting and Monetization Products for Mobile Game Developers

June 10, 2014
Post-Install Analytics, Retargeting and Newsfeed give developers deeper insights into their players, help them effectively target new and existing players, and create engagement and retention opportunities. Read more >>

Chartboost Launches Video and InPlay to Transform the Game Discovery Experience.

March 10, 2014
Addition of dynamic promotional layers enable developers to offer relevant, engaging, and beautiful experiences that drive monetization opportunities. Read more >>

Chartboost names Chung Man-Tam as Chief Product Officer

October 9, 2013
Chartboost – the business engine for mobile game developers around the world – today announced that it has hired Chung-Man Tam to serve as Chief Product Officer. Developers have integrated Chartboost technology into over 32,000 mobile games… Read more >>

Chartboost Launches Backend Service to Power In-app Purchases in Mobile Games

July 11, 2013
Chartboost – the business engine for mobile game developers around the world – today announced the launch of Chartboost Store, the latest addition to the company’s powerful technology platform that helps developers attract gamers and make money… Read more >>

Chartboost Launches Groups for Direct Deals to Bring Developers Closer Together

June 20, 2013
Chartboost, the leading technology platform for mobile games, today announced an expansion of the company’s Direct Deals offering, the industry’s only option for developers to buy and sell traffic directly with other developers without paying fees… Read more >>

Chartboost Opens First International Office in Europe

April 23, 2013
Chartboost, the leading technology platform for mobile games, today announced it has opened its first international office in Amsterdam. The new location enables the company to provide real-time support to the one third of Chartboost developers who are already based in Europe… Read more >>

Chartboost Partners With Sequoia In $19 Million Series B

January 8, 2013
Chartboost today announced a partnership with Sequoia Capital to accelerate its growth and further develop the business engine for mobile game developers so they can focus on building kickass games. The $19M round was led by Sequoia… Read more >>

Chartboost Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Strong Performance and International Expansion

November 1, 2012
Chartboost ( – the leading alternative to traditional mobile game ad networks – today announced its platform is now driving four billion game sessions per month. Since November 2011, Chartboost has attracted some of the industry’s biggest mobile game makers to its global network… Read more >>


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