A UX/UI overhaul, ad format additions, and more | Chartboost status report

July 7 · Nick Schultz · 4 Min read
Chartboost unveils a wave of enhancements to elevate user experience, empower advertisers, reward publishers, and strengthen partnerships.
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There’s been a lot going on under the hood at Chartboost. (Even an exotic sports car needs its oil changed every 3,000 miles.) That’s why we’re always listening to user feedback and working hard on the next iteration of our products. Today, we’re excited to share a little status report that comes with a heavy dose of efficiency, scale, and performance to blow a gush of wind in our users’ hair.

For all users

New user experience

Chartboost is customer-first. It’s easy to talk that talk, but to walk that walk, we had to elevate our user experience to the next level. Our complete UX/UI overhaul streamlines and accelerates workflows to eliminate unnecessary steps and confusion. Our interface is more intuitive than ever, allowing users to achieve their goals without extensive training or support, no matter if they have used Chartboost for years or are just getting started. 

For advertisers

More ad format support

Advertising is all about experimentation, which is why it’s critical we support emerging ad formats that have the potential to transform user engagement. Chartboost now supports video with a playable end card so advertisers can showcase their most compelling gameplay and interactive elements after video ads. These creative options not only tend to result in higher interaction rates and increased retention, they also can elevate a brand’s image, create a more enjoyable ad journey, and maximize the impact of campaigns. 

New supply source

You can’t call supply “world-class” without inventory from all the major players. That’s why we partnered with InMobi. Now our customers have access to more users through inventory from all the major suppliers, app stores (including Amazon), and regions (including APAC). User acquisition goals have never been more in reach.

For publishers

Chartboost Monetization

Data and analytics support

We’ve made exciting updates for publishers too. We added OM SDK support to provide access to viewability metrics as well as help unlock more brand dollars and a deeper understanding of performance.

Chartboost Mediation

New ad format support

Support for rewarded interstitial ads was added to help publishers and developers maintain the integrity of their user experience while continuing to monetize their app.

Integration updates

We upgraded our existing integrations with IronSource, Unity Ads, and InMobi (Android, iOS, and Unity) to ensure publishers are able to take advantage of the latest innovations and capabilities. 

Expanded platform support

We added Amazon apps support to help publishers scale their revenue by diversifying their ad monetization across different platforms.

Efficiency and control

With the addition of Fullscreen API (Android, iOS, and Unity) it’s no longer necessary to work with two separate APIs to serve different ad formats from Chartboost in an app.

For partners

New ad format support

We provided our partners with expanded creative formats to choose from too. Newly supported native banners and custom product pages can help partner customers scale and stand out in a crowded market. These additions also maximize revenue opportunities by unlocking access to more supply sources.

Bidding enhancements

We introduced several bidding enhancements to improve campaign performance and control. Integration with 42Matters increases the accuracy of app classification, allowing partner advertisers to reach their target audience more effectively. The TMAX adjustment increases the time allowed for bidding. And our PMP relaunch allows partners to help their advertisers achieve higher ROI through curated inventory that could lead to a reduction in ad fraud, additional protections for their brands, and the ability to focus on the relationships with publishers they trust and deliver results.


Across every feature release, the theme is clear: Chartboost is committed to helping our customers maximize their revenue. We continually invest in new ways to improve the Chartboost experience and its results. Whether for an advertiser, a publisher, or a partner, we work hard to make them more effective and profitable.

If you’re on Chartboost, go ahead and dive in, explore all the new features, and unlock a new level of success.  We can’t wait to see what you accomplish.

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