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Chartboost overachieves Wooga’s D2 ROAS goal by 20%

April 3 · Chartboost · 3 Min read
The Berlin-based mobile game developer was looking to find advertising channels where they could scale spend and audience reach while maintaining profitability levels. See how Chartboost helped them reach their goals.
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Wooga is a mobile game developer based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2009, they make games with thoughtful, compelling stories at their core. Since 2018, they’ve been part of the Playtika family. There are around 250 employees at Wooga coming from 40 different countries. Wooga is well known for titles such as June’s Journey, Pearl’s Peril, Jelly Splash, and Diamond Dash.


June’s Journey became the number one hidden object game worldwide in 2019. With the previous year’s successful track record, Wooga is continuously focused on growing their titles by increasing investments across user acquisition while maintaining profitability KPIs for their business. The underlying challenge was finding advertising channels where they could scale spend and audience reach while maintaining profitability levels.

” When Chartboost offered us to be one of the first advertisers to try a new product we said yes. We already had a good relationship and trust, so it was an easy progression to their DSP. “- Elena Tsarkova, Senior User Acquisition Manager


Together with Wooga, the Chartboost team launched campaigns for June’s Journey that successfully reached their ROAS targets within the first 30 days. Given their success, Wooga decided to increase their investments and onboard Pearl’s Peril to the Chartboost DSP across all platforms.Leveraging programmatic buying through the Chartboost DSP allowed Wooga to access quality users with high levels of affinity to their titles. Using Wooga’s data and insights coupled with Chartboost’s proprietary machine learning algorithms allowed our teams to quickly understand Wooga’s core audiences. Our teams optimized towards specific signals and data points that help predict the likelihood of greater install rates and engagement, all while effectively managing toward Wooga’s quality standards and metrics. Creative optimization was a key component in our approach to increase CTR and IR, all while lowering the customer’s CPI.Wooga used a sophisticated method of measuring success, inclusive of daily ROAS from D0 to D30 and early and long term retention rates. Wooga’s definition of quality users are those that are highly engaged (regular players) and those that play their games 6 months and beyond.


Wooga results

Wooga immediately saw promising results after initial tests on the Chartboost DSP. Wooga continued to grow their spend month over month, ultimately increasing their investments with Chartboost by 4 times compared to this time last year. While Wooga expected to see a natural increase in install volumes, Chartboost overachieved their D2 ROAS goal expectations by 20%!

” We managed to scale our activities while maintaining a strong ROAS making our campaigns profitable at such a scale. “– Elena Tsarkova, Senior User Acquisition Manager

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