Rollic Boosts Banner Revenue 46% Using Tech That “Dominates”

May 25 · Nick Schultz · 2 Min read
Check how mega hyper-casual game developers Rollic uncovered a world of potential by using the right mediation platform.
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Rollic is one of the largest hyper-casual game developers and publishers in the world. To date, the Zynga subsidiary has amassed 2 billion downloads across its diverse portfolio of free-to-play hyper-casual games for iOS and Android. The company is committed to producing massively appealing global titles while building a thriving developer ecosystem in the gaming industry.

While sunsetting its prior mediation platform, Rollic observed unremarkable performance on banner ads. However, a world of potential was uncovered when its new mediation platform began supporting Chartboost banners.

Right away, Rollic tested Chartboost banners on several of its apps. As impressions and eCPM began to take off, it fast became clear that partnering with Chartboost iOS banner demand was the answer to its prior problems. Soon Rollic pushed in all of its chips by opening up its entire inventory to Chartboost iOS banner placements.

It became evident that Chartboost iOS banner ads provide a reliable source of competition especially on high- and low-end eCPM price floors and, more importantly, a compelling boost in revenue.

“The Chartboost team provides us with waterfall recommendations that enhance our iOS banner impressions and augment our eCPMs,” says Nihat Albayrak, vice president of revenue operations at Rollic.


Since being added to Rollic’s entire inventory, Chartboost has topped the publisher’s monetization partner rankings for iOS banners. To date, Rollic’s total iOS banner revenue has increased 46% with Chartboost iOS banner revenue in particular spiking by 200%.

increase in total iOS banner revenue
spike in Chartboost iOS vanner revenue

“Chartboost has become the No. 1 partner in share of wallet for iOS banners by dominating revenue and impressions,” says Albayrak. “It’s been fantastic working with Chartboost. They have empowered us to increase our iOS banner revenue significantly.”

On the back of this momentum, Rollic has begun to set up more Chartboost Android banner placements, which have already helped introduce more competition into a waterfall otherwise dominated by other networks.

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