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Rollic Grew Banner Ad Revenue from Chartboost by 80%

January 19 · Chartboost · 2 Min read
This Istanbul-based powerhouse sought diversity in banner demand to achieve a steady and quality fill rate. This is how Chartboost helped them increase banner impressions by 180%.
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Rollic is a mobile gaming company based in Istanbul, with hit titles like Picker 3D, Wheel Smash, and Go Knots 3D. Rollic is committed to producing massive scaling global titles while building a future-proof ecosystem in the gaming industry.


Banner ad units have a large number of ad requests and to achieve a steady and quality fill rate, Rollic needs more diversity in banner demand. Their banner ad revenue represents approximately 5% to 10% of their total revenue.


Rollic was one of the first publishers to enable banner ads with Chartboost, during its iOS beta in November 2019. Enabling banner ads with Chartboost latest SDK was simple and didn’t cause any extra workload said Nihat Albayrak, Growth Director.

”It didn’t cause any extra time and workload, we only updated Chartboost adapter to the latest version in our mediation during our regular app update timeline.”– Nihat Albayrak, Growth Director

With Chartboost banner ads you have the options for top and bottom banner placements as well as a middle-screen. Rollic always places banners at the bottom of their games.The Chartboost team helped Rollic set up to 4 multiple-line items at the top of the waterfall and have tested optimizations on different flat CPM prices. They’ve appreciated the regular feedback from their Chartboost account manager on trying different eCPM levels to improve performance.


Rollic observed a great number of impressions at different price levels on banner ads from Chartboost. Between December 2019 and January 2020, banner impressions increased by 178%, publisher revenue from banners increased by 80% and eCPMs were up to $1.48.Chartboost is in the top 5 banner sources for all the apps Rollic is integrated with both in terms of revenue and eCPM. By the end of January, Rollic was live with banner ads on 10 apps. By the end of March, they had more than 19 apps live with Chartboost.

”About 10% extra banner revenue has been generated since we started using Chartboost banner demand.”– Nihat Albayrak, Growth Director

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