Gram Games Sees a 23% ARPDAU Lift after Migrating to Chartboost Mediation


Since its founding in 2012, Gram Games has been turning out top-notch games played by hundreds of millions of players around the world. In 2018, the studio joined Zynga, a wholly owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, known for its massive reach in more than 175 countries and iconic franchises that have generated over 6 billion downloads on mobile.

Gram Games’ hit Merge Dragons! has tapped into the puzzle-adventure genre with its unique take on crafting and discovery since its release in 2017. The mobile game studio embarked on a mission to stimulate growth for Merge Dragons!.

Gram Games looked for mediation providers that could offer greater dashboard flexibility, detailed reporting, and overall higher network eCPMs. Chartboost Mediation stood out with its vast network demand portfolio, including BidMachine, InMobi bidding and Mintegral. By diversifying its share of voice and share of wallet through Chartboost, Gram Games knew it could reduce its reliance on one network for monetization.

By choosing Chartboost Mediation, the studio leveled the playing field by taking full, transparent control over its demand sources. Chartboost’s offering of fair, transparent competition across numerous leading demand partners allowed Gram Games to maximize its ad revenue, improve user experience, and realize higher retention rates in a short period of time.


23% ARPDAU increase ~30% eCPM increase

Gram Games surpassed their expectations by leveraging the various demand sources. Merge Dragons! saw a nearly 30% increase in eCPMs. The result was a 23% gain in ARPDAU in its first seven days and even greater yields beyond.

These performance improvements were matched only by the ease with which the studio was able to implement Chartboost Mediation.

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