2023 AdExchanger award winner: Chartboost Mediation

October 2 · Nick Schultz · 1 Min read
Chartboost Mediation emerged as the 2023 AdExchanger award winner for Best Use of Technology by a Publisher, following an ethos of flexible, publisher-centric monetization. The proof is in the pudding — look no further than a successful partnership with Zynga in which expectations were exceeded and a new standard set in the industry.
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We are proud to announce that Chartboost Mediation has been recognized by the 2023 AdExchanger awards as the top performer for Best Use of Technology by a Publisher. Chartboost beat out a highly competitive field that included Disney, Vox Media, TMB, and others.

Chartboost Mediation has risen as a highly flexible, publisher-first monetization platform that provides full visibility and control.

Notably, global interactive entertainment studio Zynga set up real-time bidding through Chartboost Mediation’s unified auctions. The partnership outpaced Zynga’s expectations with an accelerated release cadence, dedicated integration support of top demand sources and ad formats, and intuitive operations and analytics, and is now being implemented across Zynga and Take-Two Interactive’s mobile portfolio (full story and metrics here).

Every year, the AdExchanger awards highlight the best in the digital marketing and advertising industry.

AdExchanger Award 2023 for Best Use of Technology by a Publisher.