Watch our Webinar: How rewarded video empowers publishers and supercharges advertisers

August 20 · Ron Gordon · 2 Min read
Fellow panelists Mark Avidan, Director of UA at Zynga, Kyle Waring, Lead Product Manager at Zynga, Chartboost's own Kiki Gavriilidou and host Matan Naim from mavens in this one.
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Rewarded video is an ad format that has quickly become synonymous with positive user experience and ad quality for mobile game publishers and advertisers alike. Across the spectrum — from hypercasual games that rely heavily on ad revenue (90% to 99% ad revenue driven) to casual games that draw about 50% of their revenue from ads, all the way to hardcore games that only see about 10% to 20% of their revenue from ads — rewarded video brings something to the table. In that spirit, Kiki Gavriilidou from our supply team sat down to discuss the many dynamics at play in world of rewarded video.

Fellow panelists Mark Avidan, Director of UA at ZyngaKyle Waring, Lead Product Manager at Zynga, our own Kiki and host Matan Naim from mavens in this one: rewarded video enhances user engagement through high ad quality.

Listen and watch the full conversation here:

Watch our Webinar: Winning with Rewarded Videos – Empowering Publishers and Supercharging Advertisers from Chartboost Marketing on Vimeo.

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