Watch our GDC week talk: Mobile gaming needs transparent ad tech  

May 1 · Ron Gordon · 1 Min read
Watch mobile gaming industry leaders discuss ad quality and frequency, blending IAA and IAP, the challenges of performance vs brand advertising, and more.
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Publishers must demand transparency from their adtech partners as privacy rules make the science of mobile game monetization more complex.

Leaders from the industry’s most successful companies discuss the constantly evolving landscape. Sofia Gilyazova, Head of Ad Revenue at Take-Two Mobile, M. Serra Golcuk, Director of Strategy at Rollic, Rich Izzo, CEO of Chartboost, Scott Koenigsberg, Chief Product Officer at Zynga, and Adam Rakib, President of mavens cover:

  • How ad quality and frequency can damage player experience
  • What data should be less opaque
  • How their companies are navigating these complex issues

If you missed it live, watch the full recording here:

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