ASO, marketing, and AI in gaming with Anton Tatarynovich | TBOF podcast #4

May 30 · Nick Schultz · 4 Min read
In this episode of TBOF podcast, we sat down with Freeletics' Senior ASO and ASA Manager to discuss the evolution of app store optimization, the importance of aligning ASO, performance marketing teams, and more.
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In this episode of The Business of Fun podcast, Anton Tatarynovich, Senior ASO and ASA Manager at Freeletics, joins our own Jonathan Fishman to discuss the evolution of app store optimization (ASO), the importance of aligning ASO, performance marketing teams, CRM teams, and activation teams, and the role of AI in ASO.


00:00 / Intro

03:39 / The evolution of ASO

08:09 / Connecting ASO and activation teams

12:28 / Optimizing conversion rates for games

23:52 / Adapting to new trends and developments in ASO

36:43 / The role of AI in ASO

“Because it matured, ASO priorities are changing. It is becoming this embedded function in many large brands and companies, either through hiring or engaging, so people are working with agencies.”

Anton Tatarynovich, Senior ASO and ASA Manager at Freeletics

The rundown

  • ASO has undergone significant growth, evolving from a simple hack focused on keyword manipulation and A/B testing to a crucial component of user acquisition strategies. The landscape has become highly competitive, with ASO no longer limited to a select few individuals who possess the knowledge and expertise. It has now firmly established itself as a recognized discipline.
  • As a result of this evolution, changes are occurring within the realm of ASO itself. Keyword optimization, for instance, exhibits diminishing returns, prompting the need for a more comprehensive approach. Moreover, the alignment of ASO with performance marketing teams and other relevant departments, such as activation teams, holds immense value.
  • Given its maturity, ASO is becoming an integral and embedded function within numerous prominent brands and companies, either through hiring dedicated professionals or engaging with specialized agencies. The alignment of ASO with performance marketing and other areas represents a rich source of value, and many companies are now actively exploring this integration.
  • When it comes to optimizing conversion rates for games, commonly found frameworks on the internet tend to follow similar steps. The process typically begins with thorough research, leading to the formulation of hypotheses aimed at increasing conversion rates. These hypotheses are then prioritized based on their potential impact, followed by testing and iterative improvements.
  • This cyclical process is ongoing because the objective is always to enhance conversion rates. External factors such as evolving market trends, seasonal events, competitor actions, or internal changes within the company require continuous adaptation.
  • Gathering extensive insights is crucial when delving into more specific strategies such as ASO or A/B testing for games. This entails conducting comprehensive research that focuses on your game’s unique value propositions, user preferences, and distinguishing features rather than solely relying on competitor analysis.
  • In the context of paid user acquisition, which serves as a significant source of traffic for most games, even small improvements in the conversion rate at the app store stage can yield significant benefits in terms of budget efficiency. Performance marketing teams should, therefore, prioritize strategies that prove effective in this regard.
  • In the gaming industry, videos play a particularly vital role compared to screenshots or other visual elements. Since gameplay often constitutes the most captivating and distinctive aspect of games, showcasing it through videos is highly recommended. Incorporating multiple videos instead of just one can provide a comprehensive glimpse into the gameplay experience and further engage potential users.
  • If you’re an ASO manager aiming to expand your expertise and become a well-rounded paid user acquisition expert or a marketer, there has been a significant shift in the landscape that can benefit you. In the past, ASO was often seen as an isolated discipline, requiring extensive efforts to convince others of its importance and the valuable insights it offers.
  • However, the introduction of custom product pages has revolutionized this scenario. Now, you have the opportunity to showcase the KPIs associated with your app store page.
  • Moreover, there is another crucial release that has emerged as a significant priority. It revolves around in-app events and promotional content, available both on Google Play and the App Store. These features hold immense potential for enhancing user engagement and driving growth within your app.

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